Seymour Duncan SH-1N '59 Model Neck
Seymour Duncan SH-1N '59 Model Neck

SH-1N '59 Model Neck, Humbucker guitar pickup from Seymour Duncan in the Vintage Output Humbuckers series.

jerem's 02/22/2013

Seymour Duncan SH-1N '59 Model Neck : jerem's's user review


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I have therefore the Seymour Duncan 59 '(alnico magnets 5) neck (son in version 4) which is mounted on my original Big Apple Strat body with ash.

The humbucker sound is rather pretty dug in the medium, with really low current and high treble and mids and also present good crystalline. In this config is at ease from jazz to hard rock right through the blues or funk. Highly crystalline and clean clean (I like this I do not like the microphone handle that sound too muffled or dull ... there really is not) or crunches lighter, less present (due to the hollow) in disto well as the lead well fluid he is doing very well.
So it sounds pretty clean, not necessarily typical vintage to me despite what the name might suggest ...
I personally however he does not like to be set too close to the strings in the neck position, because before I found a little lower sound really too bassy and mushy in the bass.

Split position, the result is much closer to the classic sound stratocatser even if we can not get there already seen the low power generated by the microphone once split (output less than a simple neck strat usual). The sound is always crystal, the bass is there but less present a micro strat neck classic and always a little cut in the medium. However, it is terrible for funky plan: pretty accurate, slamming the suspicion that goes round, due to the position round.
Despite the lack of logic gain / power, I use it a lot in this config splittée is original on my guitar and it really allows me to approach the sound of a real strat single in a really satisfying for me.

Anyway, in my case a good microphone rather versatile, but it really lacks a bit of personality and mojo quand-même...8/10 so.
Perhaps a more typical scratches and with more character (LP way or another plank mahogany) could nab this side a little dirtier it lacks ... I am curious to test in my case the personal equivalent alnico II (and thus APH1) to smear a little of her ash body, bringing the medium and see what it could give ...