Tornade MS Pickups Humbuckers
Tornade MS Pickups Humbuckers

Humbuckers, Humbucker guitar pickup from Tornade MS Pickups.

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vincent9119 03/09/2014

Tornade MS Pickups Humbuckers : vincent9119's user review

«  Very very satisfied. »

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As a preamble, let me say that I am a guitarist amber, if not poor, but on the other hand, loves quality material at reasonable price .. or ... or rather justified.

What is more, I swear by Fender, Gibson and Marshall, generation requires ... To each his snobbery ...

It is therefore not Jimi Hendrix who gives his impressions here, just a fan ...

Already Own Hot Texas Tornado installed on one of my Stratocaster (Fender American Standard 2009 with rosewood fretboard), I promised myself to try humbuckers brand.

I found almost new opportunity dating from 2013.

They are installed on a Gibson Studio 2013 model LPJ table with satin gold: so that this is really the entry level GIBSON Les Paul.

Guitar, bought on sale, with new pickups mounted returned me to exactly 780 euros. It is new in the new.

The value of the entire report is amazing!
No need to be a billionaire to afford a good bill so GIBSON. (This is also true also for Fender used we find great new Mexican or USA in perfect condition for 600/700 euros, 1000 euros max once changed the pickups).

Nothing to say about the guitar so: for the price, it is in this color, superb GIBSON.


Absolute-precision rendering notes and nuances of the attack of the musician.

Perfect balance 3-positions, as clear and crunch between the low / mid / high: double kiss somehow cool effect!

-A terrible musicality: we do not get to hear his ears sounds that are produced, we hear them away from his body: it is very difficult to express / explain ... the music you play does not come to you, it comes from you ...

For someone who wants to improve a correct model guitar midrange proper violin, it's pickups are (at least on a solid body) the ultimate.

In the kind I also know the PAF 59 Hep Cat tested on a GIBSON MIDTOWN CUSTOM ... shades between the two brands ... but at the margin ... and certainly due to the different string instruments (MIDTOWN is the thinline).


Finally the French manufacturing, I also know very well the model 62 strat pickups. of at SP. CUSTOM (I on Fender USA Standard maple) and set Télécaster Benedetti (installed on TV Standard Fender Mexico).

All these homegrown brands are excellent, competing ... but excellent.

Bare Knuckle has to behave themselves, even if they are excellent pickups too (Trilogy Suite set for Strat and P90 double format Mississippi Queen ... for those that I know ...)

The hand is not finished inspire me. I have 3 beautiful GIBSON with each of CLASSIC 57. I hesitate to change ... but for how long?? And styles of microphones?

Throughout this "collection" sounds, it is still the famous TORNADO, this "chick" LES PAUL GIBSON, that my preference.

And finally nothing to spoil, Marc, manufacturer, agent for the brand, in addition to being particularly competent, is an availability and a "telephone" patience, tripled incredibly kind today.

All these mics, and his own in particular, are even purchased new, at very competitive prices, especially to "listen" to their qualities.

Let yourself be seduced!