Fender Champ 25 SE
Fender Champ 25 SE

Champ 25 SE, Hybrid Combo Guitar Amp from Fender in the Champ series.

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loicm 04/14/2005

Fender Champ 25 SE : loicm's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Lamp (2 6L6, and a 12 AX7) and transistor.
25 w (attention is powerful as a marshall 8080 a transistor)
Two jack inputs
Both channels, reverb, master


Very simple configuration.
The tones are very effective (if we put a serious mid treble 0, there is no sound at all ...)
The clean sound is impeccable without even blowing a comfortable volume (ideal for playing at home)
The doc is not used much. (But it is very clear)
The reverb is not bad but shorter than a twin. I love bcp. Nothing to do with the old kind marshall 8080.
saturated sound is not great. It's crunch not bad but the bass distortion is a bit dirty. Gender Fender: I like it.
It's too dry and too fat for my taste but I never use it.
GX 700 preamp with my boss, I get everything I want. and the sound is very clean.
This amp does not really strong personality. everything can happen with a good preamp / multi.


It is powerful enough to repeat or small gigs but not enough for large rooms unless it is plugged into the sound system. The direct output is very clean for that.
I's now have a Twin and I no longer love this amp too, but he accompanied me for over 7 years of guitar ...
I would like to keep it because it's my first amp but I have no place (see my ad)
I also find that it does not have enough bass but my twin ca is a champion ...
Compared to nine new amps at 300 euros I think that Fender is much better. The electronics are solid and the knobs have not taken a breath in 7 years. It is very reliable. The lamps do not need to be changed too often because he spent only 25 w it.


It is a very good quality / price ratio.
On OCCAZ it's worth because it is a good fender 12 p HP and lamps give a very good clear sound.
It works great with appliances and also with keyboards.
For the price it's a great amp. It is beautiful and not too heavy. It is lugs around easily. (Not like the twin ;-)