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ThorGniolh 06/08/2010

Fender Performer 650 : ThorGniolh's user review


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dj describes below, specifications on paper are not bad, rather good, o Note 7 is equivalent to "good"


As all the amps I want to say ... frankly I do not see why note the use of an amp saw that my knowledge there is no compliqus frankly! It's not as if I was testing a software computer ...

I put it 4 or rounded average of my other rounded Notes


First I test this amp condition repeats / beef and all alone in my room with my rock band like 60/70's, I had forgotten the power cable from my Laney head lamps tt50h ... I d fall back on the fender "made in usa"

I test this amp with my main guitar, Les Paul Custom (with dual Seymour Duncan 3: 1 and 2 Sh4 Sh1)

On the clean channel, the sound is arguably crystalline ... I think that's what the dfini best. Without much pull on the volume of Pramp, we get a clear sound quite compress must do his gaffe quickly dfoncer ears tend to treble. When we balance a boost in the clean channel, bah ca reacts like a transistor amp saturates cold and unpleasant way with a distortion of unbearable acute, short is in the average of transistor amplifiers, but it's pretty bad anyway ... Do not look saturate the amp, but just the clean is rather correct if one is not looking too and in an apartment, ca should be honorable with a multi-effects with the amp sim but still acute problem here may pose high volume.

The ct saturation ... well I do not understand ... it's really shit! the series Marshmall MG did much better (even if it's kilometers of my expectations). The sound is gringal the mdiums and acute pulling their eardrum, low drool, sound is flat ... I will say even my first amp, 10w Ibanez was much better in this register!
I find it unusable channel from solo when one wants to pierce the eardrums and not mix ...

one might think that the 12AX7 lamp will bring warmth and supplmentaire erase these defects, but I frankly doubt that it works on that channel, or else it is completely transparent, we feel that the attack in Pramp a power amplifier transistor and a quality of output transformer fairly mediocre, I dare not even imagine the quality of the HP ...

When those who say it sounds strong for a 65w that ca buries a particular amp, I rpondrais them that the outgoing sonor amp volume (sound pressure) is li that the performance of HP 'the power of the same amp ... a 100w amp with bowls with a 97dB sound performance as strong as a 50w with bowls of 100db (ie mathematical). And I am sure that a real lamp 5w with 103dB eminence can put knees.

With the clear way channel (5/10) and saturated channel very bad (1/10), I would say that this amp is simply mediocre in sound (3/10)


To sum it is an amp made in USA and hybrid which bears the name, the lamp is unnecessary, indeed it is not enough of a prampli lamp for sound tt lamp and it is getting almost soulant add all the lamps on the pretext of "warm up" the sound, there are transistor amps that sound much better, and yet I do not speak the same lamp 5w tt taken at random is less ous, that bring the knees without any problem ...

So it's a fender fender that has the mark, like almost totality of their catalog, a pure marketing product

The amp deserves a 3/10 note