Fender Roc Pro 700
Fender Roc Pro 700

Roc Pro 700, Hybrid Combo Guitar Amp from Fender in the Roc Pro series.

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wil4linux 01/31/2005

Fender Roc Pro 700 : wil4linux's user review


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70 W to deposit well.
Has not gone more than 5 ...
in fact, no obvious c d have a volume not very high (kan I play my ds piola)
between 1 and 2, must be very specific pr not piss off the neighbors ... if not exceeds kon to 5-6, the sound goes over too ...
pr summarize, ke the volume up quickly from 2 to 5-6 then after that is stablilise ...

see above


The config is simple, the satellite channel depends on the mic the guitar, a big difference kan gu I switched to DiMarzio pickups epiphone. (Fred and paf pro)
Pr config you will find the manual ke ds g found online (bah vi, c jlavé ...), not a pdf doc.
There are examples of setting qq EM it is not great I think ...
we must find its own sound, after that rolls


Personally, I like the sound, especially in clear, sharp and has beautiful if I put 8 c because the bass is blah, ie must kil them up too, I never exceeded 3 (the pr 2CH) not so good after c .

I would branch a G400 as e jvous said with DM paf pro and fred, a good set c:
My settings:
acdc type: in sat: 7 treble mid bass 3 5-6 3-4 win
Iommy type: sat: treble 7 mid 6 bass gain 4 9
(As jle said above it depends on your microphone)


I've had the one year, keep jpense it is very good info pr c a model that is more fabrik. he was replaced by the frontman series (which is very good too), g see a rock in the store 1000 EM remains rare ds trade.
pr the footswitch (which is not supplied with n) jle paid about € 50, g of the fender ordered from, as a football specifik c to this model.
jmen the scene is pr, pr repeats', sending it well, its a more focused ds treble (just typed blink). g bcp not try to amp ds my life, jle paid € 250, if c has been re-I refer the choice.
Fri jle if one day it will be pr surment just over Watt
c is a good choice, me tried scratching it with your purchase before the