Marshall AVT150
Marshall AVT150

AVT150, Hybrid Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the ValveState 2000 AVT series.

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Bentheater 04/26/2004

Marshall AVT150 : Bentheater's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Prampli of the lamp is AVT150 ​​marshall amp but the transistors. This marriage made him sound a versatile amp trs offers a multitude of sounds.
It dlivre a power of 150 watt.
It possde 4 channels: acoustic simulator, a clear classic crunch rather a lead and another metal trs. 32 Intgr effects in this amp, to name a few (delay, chorus, flanger, reverb, etc. .....). What's great about this amp is that it comes with a footswitch switches 6 to select one of four channels and to apply an effect. In fact, the effects are diviss in 32 2 * 16:
I prcise a little, apply 16 effects on both channels clear, the other 16 are applicable on the same channel saturated. Thus, one can compbiner DIFFERENT effects on the light and the lead


The configuration of the amp is pretty simple, personally I like the bass to the background medium in the middle and trebble quarter. It is also possible to rgler indpendamment sounds to clear the channels and lead (another good thing!)
The sound is clear gnial! I speak mostly acoustic simulator is trsrussi, quasi crystalline and really clean. Lightweight with a delay, I almost tear the oeuil.
However, the distortion is more mixed, the crunch is not bad but to really find the perfect sound mtal it harder. I think the distortion "and drool dborde" a little. Harmonics are not trs but the sound is warm when even worthy of a Marshall!
The manual offers a lot of configuration of the (jazz, blues ,...) but some of its heavy trs.


I cheeks instead of hard rock (Opeth, Dream Theater, Nightwish ...) and this amp allowed me to find some sounds very similar but not equivalent!
So I would recommend to people who wish to play instead of pop rock, grunge or even punk!
It is so versatile that its clear you can easily find one or the trs bluesy groove.
I played on an Ibanez RG550, and I just change the microphone to a Seymour Duncan. The amp you will sound if your microphones THE ensure DRIRE! My old Ibanez V7 and V8 n'taient unfortunately not terrible, but with the seymour duncan, your exact is more than convincing!
My sounds are prfres simulator with a lightweight acoustic delay and lead "big distortion" also with a delay (very good!)


I use it less than a year, but I intend to switch to a Mesa Boogie (not the same price elsewhere snif ...). What I like about this amp is its versatility, it offers tellemnt sound that you can not find any ... The acoustic simulator is really well done and the effects are nice and Intgr can avoid investing in a bulky pile of pedals.
Since this amp is affordable trs (500euros in OCCAZ), I find it offers a good value quality price trs. Thus, I would recommend any person discovering the brand DSIR Marshall: