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  • Sensaphonics Go Pro Promo

    Sensaphonics Go Pro Promo

    11/02/11 in Sensaphonics 2MAX

    Sensaphonics has announced the Go Pro Promo, an introductory product bundle that pairs its custom earphones with Shure’s new PSM 1000 wireless personal monitor system.

  • Allen & Heath XD-20

    Allen & Heath XD-20

    03/24/11 in Allen & Heath Xone XD-20

    Allen & Heath has unveiled the latest offering from its range of Xone headphones, the XD-20 in-ear monitors.

  • [NAMM] SE215 Sound Isolating Earphones

    [NAMM] SE215 Sound Isolating Earphones

    01/16/11 in Shure SE215

    Shure unveiled the SE215 Sound Isolating Earphone, featuring a newly developed Dynamic MicroDriver and a detachable cable, at the 2011 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California.

  • Future Sonics Atrio Special Edition

    Future Sonics Atrio Special Edition

    10/28/10 in Future Sonics Atrio Special Edition

    Future Sonics announced the new Atrio Special Edition (ASE) professional earphones being introduced at Airport Wireless stores.

  • V-Moda Vibrato

    V-Moda Vibrato

    10/20/10 in V-Moda Vibrato

    V-Moda introduced the Vibrato noise-isolating in-ear headphones, now available in Apple stores nationwide.

  • V-Moda Remix Remote

    V-Moda Remix Remote

    10/12/10 in V-Moda Remix Remote

    V-Moda's Remix Remote headphones are described as boasting "superior audio clarity, luxurious design and supreme ergonomics for your active lifestyle."

  • Shure SE425 w/ Sensaphonics Sleeve

    Shure SE425 w/ Sensaphonics Sleeve

    09/26/10 in Shure SE425

    Sensaphonics has entered into partnership with Shure, resulting in a new product bundle that combines Sensaphonics custom-fit silicone sleeves with Shure’s new SE535 and SE425 earphones.

  • Westone ES5

    Westone ES5

    07/02/10 in Westone Audio ES5

    The ES5 was designed to deliver sound quality, clarity and response comparable to monitors with more drivers.

  • Sensaphonics 3MAX

    Sensaphonics 3MAX

    04/09/10 in Sensaphonics 3MAX

    Sensaphonics has announced a limited-time promotion for musicians converting to in-ear monitoring.

  • Jays a-Jays Earphones

    Jays a-Jays Earphones

    03/10/10 in Jays a-Jays

    Jays is expanding its product line with a new entry-level earphone.