E-MU 0404
E-MU 0404

0404, Internal PCI/ISA Sound Card from E-MU.

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FP User 10/31/2008

E-MU 0404 : FP User's user review


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Well it does have two ins and two outs which is perfect. If you get the Audiophilie 24/96 it will only have one in and one out. And both of these soundcards cost a 100 bucks which is cheap if you have a tight budget. the only thing that was missing was the multimedia speaker connection which was a huge hastle to get. thats the only downfall of this soundcard.

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Well its easy to install but you have to know some breif knowledge about computers cause the hardware goes into your pci sloy and you gotta know where it is but it tells you that in the manuel when you buy it.


Thw hardware was made so you wont break it when you place it into the pci slot so its quite durible nuff said


Well basically first things first if you don't have a mixer you might as wellput it back on the shelf until you have the money to buy it. Cause thats what happened to me when I brought it. SO users beware whien you but this soundcard it dosen't support regular multimedia speakers you muat have the mixer. or a y adapter which is impossible to get unless you order it from the internet on E-MU website. The sound quality is excellent no problems and complete zero latency which is super if you need perfect studio production.

Yea its pretty nice you wont go wrong with the soundcard and I never had any problems only when I needed that mixer but you'll learn to love it almost like it grows on you

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Posted by: Earthquake ( 7-, 2005)