E-MU 0404
E-MU 0404

0404, Internal PCI/ISA Sound Card from E-MU.

yauby 02/03/2010

E-MU 0404 : yauby's user review


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I use this card for nearly 5 years under XP. I use it coupled with an M-Audio preamp DMP3. I record voice (via the T-Bone SCT 700 and other pickups) guitars, bass (through the preamp of course).


I changed my PC 2 years ago, the resettlement was done without worry, which was not the case when the purchase (5 years ago) but with the "new" drivers that E- mu proposed fast enough to download on his site - after a fairly general discontent and of course legitimate buyers - shortly after the release of the card. Since I have been bp.

I use SX3.


The grip is not really simple to use it eventually understand. It was on that for the wisest of us, reading the manual saves time ...


I'm not disappointed by the quality but this is my first "real" sound card so I lack a point of comparison.

What I like least is making the contortionist to plug in my entries or my ass out of the PC. Son of longer or a remote box that would have been the top.

Pretty unbeatable value for money.