E-MU 0404
E-MU 0404

0404, Internal PCI/ISA Sound Card from E-MU.

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Geo la bidouille 04/01/2012

E-MU 0404 : Geo la bidouille's user review

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Internal sound card, entry level, very proper for the asking price, installation is easy, the PatchMix is ​​a bit complicated for my taste!


The drivers are relatively stable, it works fine in Live and Cubase but sometimes no sound is heard and we must restart the session from the management software of the card. I use it with 7 ms latency.


The control panel of the card is a bit tricky to master especially the routing (PatchMix) is definitely not intuitive. Personally I took the advantage of simplicity by using e no effect and minimal tracks, the ideal is to get its own session. Plugged directly into and out of my mixer.


I use it for some years and I have less and less of a problem of "stall" time! I do not think I would do that choice today as the market for sound cards has evolved significantly and prices have fallen dramatically.
One can find better without problems, even less expensive!