Echo Gina 24
Echo Gina 24

Gina 24, Internal PCI/ISA Sound Card from Echo.

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Vince84 12/26/2003

Echo Gina 24 : Vince84's user review


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- What technical specifications motivated your choice?
I bought this card because they were the number of outputs (8) and of (2) that I fully suffisat! There was also a knob for the headphone volume rgler, it seems con c but important! I pay 415, c'tait my budget for a pro card more than my Audigy Platinum EX. ECHO has a good reputable in the middle, so I sduire Permit.

- For what purpose?
No bcp miking, I made up my compound with a Fruity REMOTE 25

- What is your config (motherboard / CPU / RAM / Disk ,...)?
ATHLON XP 2100 +
512 MB DDR
180 GB IDE 7200 trs / min

- Which instruments or Systmes (console, prampli, DTD ...) you use it and how connections? ...
I plugged my TR8 it, no problem


It is the hurt that bt, the installation is great, the rack and card are properly made. I reboot and it's damn, it gets stuck blocking ca ca plant, it's awful I'm going crazy! I contact technical support via the website of Echo, I receive a rponse the next day, not trs kind elsewhere. I think it's lightweight. Finally it is a mail. Good move, it tells me it probably comes from the chipset I (SIS mmorisez the 745 if you buy a GINA). They offer me is to flash my bios and chipset, or to change the PCI card is to change drivers ... none of this has so I march DCID to change my motherboard a card with a KT400 chipset ... I still ask achter tested before in a computer store (ASV Computing AVIGNON) It ​​all works the first time so I bought. mnt .. and I am in the 7th Heaven but I'm going to put a nasty note because I found ca rev limit for the price of the cards to have so much trouble.


- The drivers are super stable, I use the ASIO driver is a rgal
- Last Updated in May, nickel ...
- FruityLoops is the software that I use the +
- Latency I use is 23 ms but I can easily reach 1 ms


Well I'm happy mnt, it's going to make more than one month I (2 weeks Relese use) and I have no problem with ... hope it lasts!