Echo Gina 24
Echo Gina 24

Gina 24, Internal PCI/ISA Sound Card from Echo.

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hagguhsem 06/04/2003

Echo Gina 24 : hagguhsem's user review


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Technical specifications see data sheet
config: Abit KG7/Athlon 1400/768Mo DDR2100 / DD 40Go/Windows XP
Use with guitar Line6 PodPro branch of branch on the map or SPDIF coaxial jack 6.35


Installation very easy. Not force. Immmdiatement recognized by Windows XP
no incompatibility until
Easy Setup console as clear
Manuel clearly, fairly well done.


Drivers stable
latest version available in late May so OK
use with Cubase 5 VST32
Latency of 4 ms
yet the bottom operates in terms of management of many tracks


My opinion could possibly be changed because I use it only for a little over a week
No breath, trs good converters (apparently now the best in the market in this price range), solid box (and best) use simple srieux brand
before I only possdait SB live 5.1 that I always use but also for multimedia
sr and is it not the same thing!
report qualitprix trs good. It is true that it's a bit expensive but if you want to arrter soup and death hack up trpasser ...
This is a non DEFINITIONS opinion, but I know why I felt that I will not regret it
Rating 9 / 10 because there are better, but even more expensive ... (normal)
PS: some reviews for this card yet MRIT attention especially since the few favorable reviews are always trs.