Echo Mia
Echo Mia

Mia, Internal PCI/ISA Sound Card from Echo.

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yOoN 10/15/2002

Echo Mia : yOoN's user review


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I chose this card for its 24bit/96kHz, and low latency (~ 5ms) because I use it mainly for its decision (vocals, samples, guitars) and I board not currently need many inputs / outputs.
I'm on a Dell with CM Intel840i/Celeron 566MHz/256Mo of IBM SDRAM/80Go 7200T / m IDE all under Win2000. Otherwise just a g Eurorack MX1604A branch and I pass by the tt table because it has the advantage of having sories Alt 3-4 (it's ultra pratik).


So I put 7 for very personal reasons:
- The Insala is of rare simplicity and once installed it works and it's over
- The drivers of this card are not in a multimedia architecture and g problem with winamp Notte. I recommend not to give support multimedia tasks but for example to keep his good old Sound Blaster for these spots, or the chipset CM voting. Echoaudio you are the first to report it anyway: it's not a multimedia card and they designed this card for it coxiste with its multimedia system.
- The manual is a tone plainsantin is rather unusual and funny to the extent that the card is simple and does not require a novel.


SERIES drivers supplied on the CD are in the limit avoid. Lor the first installation I had a latency in seconds! but hey I did the update and I am a ~ 5ms and I'm happy
I use SoundForge, Acid, Cubase SX (recently) and the only problems I encounter are due to the performance of my PC.
Otherwise no problem (thankfully) to read the two mono tracks and record 2 other mono simultanment.
I board not tried the SPDIF.


I've had six months and I am glad trs. J'apprcis normment its quality of sound for its price (350 merchants:) for not much more expensive than the SB on top table in another CATEGORY. However the spcificit my PC does not allow me to use a sound card for multimedia and winamp really puts me in the area. Another advantage is the virtual table: I recommend even affect your softs sound, for example, has four main tracks diffrent (eg [cubase-> 1-2 virtual out] [soundforge-> virt 3-4 out] etc ...) is more than is practical Carment RECOMMEND AC problems quickly.
Recess so I have not tried the other card from my SB Platinum which does not really play in the same CATEGORY for a price not so much in dea. So for the price I highly recommend it: it is a sound recording card and it does very well for its price.
So with hindsight I think I would do the same choice