Echo Mia
Echo Mia

Mia, Internal PCI/ISA Sound Card from Echo.

Tac 07/10/2002

Echo Mia : Tac's user review


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I bought this card for its ability to record 24bit/96kHz, its low noise level trs, its sound quality (which I had heard the seller), and latency. Ha, I forgot too, for his input / output Jack 6.35mm is when even more productive.
I have a abit motherboard with a 533 PIV 1.8Ghz and 128MB of RAM, SCSI hard drive, I mainly use cubase and sound forge.
I work with a Roland synth and two expanders, a mixing desk Soundcraft, AKG studio microphone. So I record everything track by track and map the bed together without problem.


Installation is simple, that it is advisable to first install the drivers before the hardware. (The first time I did the opposite and I have not seen any diffrence, it must dpendre of the OS used.
The PB, because it there is one, is that under win98 the latency is 86ms (with PII 350) win2000 unlike o is 4ms (also PI 350), and under win2000 with cubase, if you of direct monitoring, output of the card is closed! (So ​​no direct monitoring, I personally am not)


The drivers are stable, that I used with a PII 350: cubase no problem, but forge is trs sound greedy (loss of sync), I had to go to the PIV.
Currently with the PIV I do not regard the latency but I have no doubt about it since with a PII 350 and win2000 I 4ms, so for fans of any virtual synth washes.


was 5 months I have, I like his ability and sound quality, shame concerns for small drivers, but according to the OS used APRS several tests can not touch anything and roll! and then I look echoaudio to make us good little drivers.
I trusted the seller, I have not tried other card before, and I'm happy with my purchase trs of plusle qualitprix report is good.