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M-Audio Delta 410
M-Audio Delta 410

Thread M-Audio 410 Firewire Interface

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1 M-Audio 410 Firewire Interface
I bought this thing to boost my sub-standard recording practice to the next level - whatever that may be - but i'm sorta disappointed that there are only two inputs. The 410 caught my eye because it is Firewire (Perfect for my Powerbook/Ableton Live 3 setup), and it has built in mic pre-amps. I'm waaaaay new to the game, and I have a few questions:

First, is there any way to add inputs without buying another unit?

Second, can I use a condenser mic and a dynamic simultaneously, with the Phantom Power on, even though my dynamic mic doesn't require Phantom Power?

Unfortunately there is no way to add inputs to the to your Firewire 410. M-audio is about to release a new Firewire interface with 8 analog inputs to offer more flexibility.

The use of condensers and/or dynamic microphones at the same time is an issue. The phantom power will not hurt your dynamic microphones.
Ok, I understand that you don't want to spend more money but... Will 50$ be too much to enhance your capacity with such a product?:

And for 10$ less, you even can have the minimalist UB502:

So, isn't everything beautiful in the best of the worlds? In all cases, it's quite rare to HAVE to record more than two mic's at once (except for drum but, in this case, mixers are definitively the way)...
Alright, so if I get a Behringer UB 802, I can route it through one of my 410 inputs?
Yea! Your FW410, in addition to be a mixer, is a patchbay so you can, roughly, mix and direct what you want where you want. Cool, huh? All that controled with a software. What's asking furthermore?

Just link the UB802 main output to the FW410 line input. You can do it mono or stereo. If you do mono, just don't forget to pan the main mix of the UB802 to left or right, depending on the output you choosed.

Of course, even with the UB802 connect to your FW410, you can use the 2 XLR/Jack inputs you got on the FW410.

By the way, you can direct FW410 inputs to your UB802 to have the 2 FW410 XLR inputs on the UB802 which have usefull physical knob.

But, before buying anything, be sure of what you want/need. If you aim to record entire band, want some hardware effects (no latency) or whatever, perhaps you'll better wait to have some more little bucks and buy, for exemple, the UB1204FX-PRO.

What do you think? Of course, you'll always be able to route any mixer to another... But, when we got only few dough, we must lot thought ;)