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M-Audio Delta Audiophile 24/96
M-Audio Delta Audiophile 24/96

Thread HI...looking for help with m audio 2496 glitch issue in cubase sx

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1 HI...looking for help with m audio 2496 glitch issue in cubase sx

I am looking for help in resolving a complex issue (to me at any rate) with Cubase SX and hard drive access.

I am not much of a techy so bear with me.

My computer runs on windows XP and Originally had a single 160 gig hard drive and built in sound card. I was told I needed to upgrade to a second hard drive dedicated to cubase music only files, to buy a new sound card and extra ram.

Got new 7800 rpm 320gig Seagate drive, Audiophile 2496 audio card and now run a total of 700meg or ram.

I have been using this system for over a year now with few problems except for occasional glitches (usually just after cubase start up). I have been running songs of up to 40 tracks without any real problems except perhaps an overall slowing down of recording software functions.

Then suddenly after a few longer than usual glitches all my tracks became very slow with severe break up problems which was directly related to accessing the upgraded hard drive (red drive light flashing in time with glitches).

I have followed recommended set up procedures, ie switching off unnecessary updates/ screensavers etc.

I copied all my files over to my original first drive (now running windows and cubase) and the songs played perfectly.

I think it has to be a hard drive audiophile driver issue because when I play tracks from the upgraded seagate drive using my original sound card (built into mother board) and switch to an Asio for all driver the songs play fine on the new Seagate drive apart from latency…..(the reason for upgrading to an audiophile sound card)

Sorry about the long winded post……any suggestions would be most welcome.

Cheers Pete.