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M-Audio Delta Audiophile 24/96
M-Audio Delta Audiophile 24/96

Thread Preamp for Audiophile 2496?

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1 Preamp for Audiophile 2496?
I recently purchased an Audiophile 2496 and Im curious about how to begin recording... all of my previous recordings were done on an old soundblaster with a computer microphone, so Im unfamiliar with the specifics of preamps.

First, do I NEED a preamp for the 2496? Ive tried using a couple connectors to turn the 1/8 on my old computer mic into the RCA jacks necessary for the 2496, but the card doesnt register any input at all. Im assuming this is because the signal is too low to register without a preamp- is this accurate?

Second, if I do need a preamp what would a cheap option be? Ive been looking at the couple cheap Behringer MIC100 and 200 options and they seem like they will do the job decently. Im not anal about clarity and Ive been happy with my recordings on a cheap computer mic and an old soundblaster for the past 4 years so I think any of the options will be an improvement. Any suggestions would be a big help though.

Third, when connecting the preamp to the rca jacks on the auidiophile, I simply get a Y-converter to change an XLR or 1/4 into the RCA's?

Thanks for any help!
1. yes you need a preamp.

pc mics work only with soundblaster inputs because they have a different wiring.

2. behringer mic100 is more than enough for you

3. since mics are mono, you don't need a Y cable. just take the preamp unbalanced output (1/4 jack) and convert it into an RCA. Then choose a channel to plug it in.