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M-Audio Delta 1010LT
M-Audio Delta 1010LT

Thread Delta 1010LT Audio Problem

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1 Delta 1010LT Audio Problem
Hey guys been searching around for a solution to this problem and im confident I've tried everything so maybe you guys can help.

I have the Delta1010LT PCI connected to my PC. and I have connected the two XLR plugs from the card to my mixer. In which I have my mics connected.

I have the red&white RCA cables from the monitor runing into the "analog" plugin to the card.

I have a cable running from the mixer to the white RC chord in the "digital" cable that is plugged into the Card. (for some reason this allows some sound to come through)

Now when Im in the Internal Xtal mode on the control panel and I run play back through my sonar (sonar 6 Producer version) or iTunes I get distorted sound and its as though the signal is being boosted to maximum from the computer into the mixer and to the monitors (if that makes sense)

I'm thinking several ways why this is happening.

1st maybe I dont have the software configured correctly with the control panel. The internal Xtal is shown as Locked while the spdif and word clock are unlocked.

2 Im not quiet sure if this could be a problem but I have been reading that the mic (xlr) Preamps my be getting to hot What would be the setting for the oncard jumpers to be at so they do not blast the signal to the mixer?

I have been doing some research with Hardware conflicting, the IRQ is set to 17 and is not conflicting could this be a problem however since anything past 15 would be runing on virtual memory?

Thanks in advance and if you have any other speculations what might be the problem please let me know.