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M-Audio Delta 1010LT
M-Audio Delta 1010LT

Thread M-Audio Delta 1010LT Poblem

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1 M-Audio Delta 1010LT Poblem
I just got my M-Audio Delta 1010LT and it seems to have installed fine but I dont seem to be connecting things right cause nothing works...

What i have done is plugged my mixer into the two xlr inputs from the main out in my mixer using a dual 1/4" to male xlr cable but audition isnt getting any signal. so is it a problem with the cables and/or the way im connecting them, or is it something wrong with the sound card...

then i sent rca cables to 2 of the outputs thinking it would send the signal back to my speakers but i guess not cause im not getting any sound what so ever...

what am i doing wrong?? please help!! im dying to use this equipment!!
:cool:You need to plug to the RCA plugs on the left side breakout cables pick a red and white RCA plug. your audio outs are the black wires, the right side breakout cables are for s/pdif digital midi,etc

Install the software and drivers. When Windows complains that it ia an unsigned software, don't bother and continue.
Use a software like Cakewalk or Cubase and record a WAV track using the channel "Left 1/2" and "Right 1/2".
What software are you using to record ?
I had the same problem, Ok Your mixer outputs goes to the two XLRs, the XLRs factory settings are set to receive mic inputs so you have to to change the jumpers on the card or switch your mixer to mic output if it can. Outputs 1 & 2 ( the blacks ones) to your speakers. Now in the control panel click the Monitor Mixer Tab, make sure your sliders are all up, scroll to the right and make sure H/W IN 1/2 under Mixer Inputs is up (-6.0 is good) now you should hear whats coming in 1 and 2 to 1/2 outputs. (I didn't know scrolling to the right was possible).

Goood Luck