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M-Audio Delta 1010LT
M-Audio Delta 1010LT

Thread Audiophile or Delta 1010LT

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1 Audiophile or Delta 1010LT
Alright, so basically i will be recording mulitple tracks and am going to assemble an all new computer i'm investing in... i really like the audiophile or the delta 1010lt from m-audio, but not quite sure on what the advantages would be from one over the other. Please could someone suggest or tell me their experience, or point me in the right direction with this!

thank you
Hi there,
I presume you were meaning the Audiophile 192 from M-Audio. I've just got the Delta1010LT and are currently using all available inputs to record my band onto Adobe Audition. It's working really well, so I guess it's a matter of how many input channels you're after. The 1010 has 8 analogue inputs and outputs + MIDI in and out with a max sample rate of 96KHz. The 192 has only 2 balanced in and 2 balanced out, so you'd need a mixing desk with it. That means you can't do a mixdown from individual tracks after you record, you need to mix before doing recording. You also can't do post recording production like effects or eq as this would be best done on the mixer during recording. If you just want to record one guitar and vocals or are into recording each track on separate takes, the 192 would be fine. Other wise the 1010 is a far more versitile card!