RME Audio DIGI9652 Hammerfall
RME Audio DIGI9652 Hammerfall

DIGI9652 Hammerfall, Internal PCI/ISA Sound Card from RME Audio.

Dasoft 03/27/2006

RME Audio DIGI9652 Hammerfall : Dasoft's user review


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This card provides 24 I / O via optical cables 6 (ADAT) + 1 I / O SPDIF / AESBU + 1 I / O MIDI + 1 Synchro Worldclock

It can work in 16/24 bit and up to 96 kHz.

A priori, it works without using CPU resources.

So what to do ...


No problem to install Windows XP. It is directly recognized in Cubase SX 3 via the ASIO driver 2.


I use it for 1 year and is one of remarkable stability.

No crash in Cubase SX3.

I use it on a PC with a quip P4R800V ASUS Deluxe + 512 MB RAM + P4 3Ghz E.

She connects a table Berhinger DDX3216.

The SPDIF input allows you to easily mix in Cubase.

A patcher / mixer lets you easily set assignments audio lines.


It is a card trs stable and efficient.

For now I read in reading tracks 10 Stereo without problem while saving the Stereo Mix.

Cubase, the monitor processor is obviously affected by the VST / Direct X, not by the card.

A product that I highly recommend so.