RME Audio Hammerfall DSP HDSP 9632
RME Audio Hammerfall DSP HDSP 9632

Hammerfall DSP HDSP 9632, Internal PCI/ISA Sound Card from RME Audio.

dinkytoy 05/15/2004

RME Audio Hammerfall DSP HDSP 9632 : dinkytoy's user review


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I use it to master a large collection of LPs on CD because I am DJ
My config:
Motherboard INTEL D875PBZ
Pentium IV 2.8C
2 * 512 MB DDR PC3200
2 Western Digital 80 GB HDD in RAID 1 on an Adaptec 1200A
Matrox G450 graphics card
Adaptec 4300 Firewire card
Pioneer DVD Player
Plextor Burner CDR

The card is connected with RCA cables shielded monitor
a stereo amplifier DENON PMA1500
which are connected a CD player DCD1550
and a Technics SL1200 turntable with a Stanton
I'm working on a pair of monitoring DENON M1
I use Sennheiser HD25 headphones

I had the opportunity to recover the SPDIF digital signal to a mixer Denon DNX1500
It works nickel


Nothing to say about the installation is simple and accurate
The manual ... uh, I can not call the loose sheet in English and German only, a manual
only available in PDF and in English on the CDR


The drivers seem very stable and ultra followed by RME

WAVELAB I use for my recordings
and I plan to use CUBASE SL

5 ms latency in wavelab using asio


I use it for a few days, I repost a few months
I love the precision of converters
I get out of bad experiences with a sound blaster platinum (stable but sound quality bof)
and a Terratec DMX 6 fire (red card and Terratec support, not an answer to my three emails, plus follow-up of drivers for a year and in my case spdif digital input has never worked or ASIO drivers delivered, only asio4all worked .... I'd still get paid 279 euros ...)

I bought 490 euros in home studio
nothing to say this is slightly more expensive than the best multimedia cards, but we feel right now that is in the same category. No unnecessary gadgets, no bundle of soft light version but a quality design and drivers really successful, I now understand why this card has received an award at the Musikmesse 2004

I referrer this choice without hesitation and I want to thank all those helped me on the following forums Audiofanzine.