RME Audio Hammerfall DSP HDSP 9632
RME Audio Hammerfall DSP HDSP 9632

Hammerfall DSP HDSP 9632, Internal PCI/ISA Sound Card from RME Audio.

Remlev 10/11/2003

RME Audio Hammerfall DSP HDSP 9632 : Remlev's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
This is a first view, I have the card for 2 days!

Unlike the plug tecnique and news (I did, the card possde
converters 192 KHz. It has very intrt, but it says!

I bought it because it complte silent rev: noon numrique, analog headphone output. But also because I trust RME for the quality and the updating of drivers (which are many: GSIF, even, ASIO2, linux, mac etc ...). In addition to the external conexion, there are internal connections to daughterboards and numriques devices, which can make the map vritable the center of the studio (with the options, no microphones to record 10 basis points at the same time eg a battery).

my config: Pentium 3 1GHz, 384 MB ram, abit VH6 cm-2 with VIA chipset (!), DD IBM GXP 75, win XP.

it has no drivers for Win 98
it possde 2 bios, so a rat does not prevent the flash card to work!
I bought the option in / out symtrique. It rated 45 euros (!), But is INTERESTED:
cool edit brings me a noise level of-96dB and -71 with optional cable with the standard.
which proves that disturbs many PC audio and should therefore invest in this option, as symtrique, cancels the noise. To buy it!


Install in 2 minutes flat
no incompatibility for now
the config is easy in the sense that it was the sound right away.
APRS, there must be some options for connatre advances, all fawn,
only serve that those who know
TotalMix software comes with and can do everything: for example
to a between the output of their choice, even see several. Trs flexible!

single bp at home: the TotalMix mute buttons do not work all the time ...
but it may be my fault, the software as quite complicated.

on the other hand, there is a measurement software at RME: DIGICheck. You can see prcisment particular phase, levels, etc ... hardware and while I think.

the manual is not a (one page), but everything is on the CD. Rigolotte thing: the CD is burned!
a can be scary, but apparently RME puts its money into its products more than in the packaging.


For now everything works perfectly with cubase sx and CoolEdit Pro 2.
with my small computer and a single session trs, latency
minimum (1.5ms) produces no clicks!
I test (for now) only with a Stereo track and read a VSTi in real time.

TotalMix of the knobs are "soft": no cracking when they are falling or rising. like a real table!


I use it for 2 days
I Think I Love ... sound and simplicity (everything works for now.) MIDI is handy too.
regarding the sound, I cost a CD by the sound card and the same CD on a CD player Luxman (old but not bad I think) things that are not intended to stand with the EMR. DEFINITIONS more so. Trs good point!
I did do the same blind test that I know nothing mre and it prfr RME!

I had the 96 / 8 Pad RME before, so I do not hsit to buy the 9632!

qualitprix excellent report.
I Reposte a new notice if I have a problem!

Following qqes mails reus, I Reposte qqes symtrique lines on the option:

option allows for input and output symtriques, of the same
a better connection for the headset cable.
Break Out Cable is a (set of son that plugs
thanks to the sound card such a big catch DB25) DIFFERENT from that
supplied as standard.
plain this BOcable option allows for a connection on symtrique
digital and analog.

if a / symtrique means nothing to you (I do not know the state of your
knowledge) is a fawn to carry the audio signal.
Basically, in symtrique the interference, are rejected, so the cable
can be longer. It's better for us to avoid the missions
Electrostatic PC can be found in the sound!

This option is sold everywhere I think.
In-gear www.musicians
(Which made me wait a month between order and delivery - I know is not right to dnoncer)
The option costs 46 euros