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Jackson Pro user reviews

  • Jackson SL3 Soloist

    Jackson SL3 Soloist - "Jackson SL3 Soloist"


    I luckily won this guitar at a GuitarCenter giveaway, but it was selling for $1000 US. Made in Japan. 24 frets. Volume control, tone control, and 5 way selector. Shiny sunburst finish. This guitar introduced me to the amazingness of Seymour Duncan J…

  • Jackson SL3 Soloist

    Jackson SL3 Soloist - "Jackson SL-20"


    I bought this first hand in guitar village for 200 pounds, i bought it as my first electric guitar. i like this guitar because it is easy to play, and i think it is good value for the money i paid. the problem i found was that the cheap pickups gav…

  • Jackson RR3 Randy Rhoads

    Jackson RR3 Randy Rhoads - "Jackson Pro Series RR3"


    I got it from Ostenak's Music for $959.00 (including hardcase)Canadian. I bougbt it because I've been working off a squier for a long time and decided it was time for something different. This guitar overall is a blast. The shape is killer, the soun…

  • Jackson DK2S Dinky

    Jackson DK2S Dinky - "Jackson DK2S"


    Picked up this guitar at Haight Ashbury Music Center (their Sunnyvale, CA store) last week. Plays great. Good action and hardware, but what makes it different from my other guitars is that it comes from the factory with the "Sustainiac" active pick…

  • Jackson RR3 Randy Rhoads EMG Limited Edition

    Jackson RR3 Randy Rhoads EMG Limited Edition - "Jackson RR3"


    $250.00,I got this guitar for a steal. i picked it up from a local music shop I am a metal guitarist, and this guitar workes great. the neck is comfortable and shaped well. the frets and fret wire is put together great. The pick-ups that come in it…

  • Jackson KE3 Kelly (Before 2006)

    Jackson KE3 Kelly (Before 2006) - "Jackson Kelly KE3"


    my ke3 was orderd from pmt in cov england, it cost £660 with case, its deep trans red, NECK: Bolt-On Rock Maple NECK: DIMENSIONS 1st Fret: .720”, 12th Fret: .805” TUNING MACHINES: Die-Cast Tuners FINGERBOARD: Rosewood NO. OF FRETS: 2…

  • Jackson DK2FF Dinky

    Jackson DK2FF Dinky - "Jackson DK2-FF"


    I recently picked up the DK2FF in Calgary AB for $860 CDN (I talked him down from $950 because it was boxing day), probably about $600 US. I had been planning on stepping up from my Epiphone Les Paul to a Gibson Studio but the Jackson really caught m…

  • Jackson DK2L Dinky

    Jackson DK2L Dinky - "Jackson DK-2"


    I bought this ax at ROCK Block in Nashville. I paid $449.00. The DK-2 has a fast neck, with 24 jumbo frets, that are scalloped at the top of the neck. Very easy to play fast. It also provide a nice variety of sound from the 5-position switch, though…

  • Jackson DK2FS Dinky Firestorm

    Jackson DK2FS Dinky Firestorm - "Jackson Pro Series Dinky DK2FS Firestorm"


    i bought this guitar on a closeout sale at modern guitar in reno for 420$ and it is an awsome guitar. this guitar is the same as the DK2 made by jackson but has a built in disotion boost.the sound is great when you plug it into a nice amp. i tried …

  • Jackson DK2L Dinky

    Jackson DK2L Dinky - "Jackson DK-2"


    I bought this new, from Guitar Center a little over a year ago, for about $300. With a fast-playing neck, 24 jumbo frets, and Duncan Designed pick-ups. Perfect for shreddin. This guitar was worth the price, and handles so smoothly, in any style of p…