Jackson DK2L Dinky
Jackson DK2L Dinky

DK2L Dinky, Left-Handed Electric Guitar from Jackson in the Pro series.

dirtyfinger 03/12/2006

Jackson DK2L Dinky : dirtyfinger's user review


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Japanese-made guitar, peulier body, maple neck with rosewood fingerboard 24 frets
micro config: double easel, simple and straightforward mid cot set. micro are Duncan Designed
floyd rose type bridge
two knobs one volume to another tonalitbr /> has a great guitar I love it
violin making good bill and they finished well no default, the trestle well maintenance agreements, and I love the handle and its repre-tooth shark. by against the knob are catastrophic, but I 9


The handle and super pleasant and end it falls well in hand, for a beginner's super.l 'access to acute and very good.
the ergonomics of the guitar and it stratabound type and slightly thinner That a Start (I think). I think it is and not heavy in my humble opinion.
we get a good sound condition not to touch o knobs that are a disaster (you Mettes thoroughly and these wholes o After a month he takes a Geulle).
Each microphone has its own distinct and are often are associated with metal and Jackson were not wrong bridge pickup is very well have office. but little cheeks while the other two pickups (not metal). has a versatile guitar.


For now I study the guitar so j'aprend. And I love this guitar because it very well and for beginners and continuing after (not all I want for myself separated the moment and I intend to custody), we get a good range of sounds (well it not compete with the top of its range was on but for this price range these quite honnte). the only major default of this guitar are the knobs, I v'ai the changes the day I change the pickups.
I love rock and metal and its derivative, when I want to have fun sound (my default is for beginners) comes out well no prob, I use an avc line 6 Spider 2 15 watt, and it ideal for aprendre but I quond but the mode of metal and that pushed a little, and are a bit messy due to the size of hp.je do but not for 10 knobs (which I had long soule)


I use it for a little over a year (since I ComenC what). I find it perfect for the beginning then and continuing to (that of j'orait good progress and I was looking meterais own sounds but I would change the pickups, so I have time lol).
of that I was half looking for a guitar I'm half in mind:
- No low-end models often (and I could afford to put 500 to 600 euros in a scratch so I did)
- Rather versatile guitars so I can access multiple style sounds.
I esasayer an epiphone les paul, it was good (I love personal, shape and all) but the sound was not clear asser I can not start with a guitar type rather, it fo jaborde that all styles was logical.
So know my guitar ideal for a good start and progress and no doubt I will remake her choices are worth money.