Jackson DK2L Dinky
Jackson DK2L Dinky

DK2L Dinky, Left-Handed Electric Guitar from Jackson in the Pro series.

MGR/Namus Withheldus 12/25/2003

Jackson DK2L Dinky : MGR/Namus Withheldus's user review

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I bought this ax at ROCK Block in Nashville. I paid $449.00.

The DK-2 has a fast neck, with 24 jumbo frets, that are scalloped at the top of the neck. Very easy to play fast. It also provide a nice variety of sound from the 5-position switch, though I mostly play using the humbuckers.
The floyd stays in tune, and I like the sacle of the body. It's light, and it fits body much better than any Les Paul or Strat I've played.

Tuning the Floyd Rose was a bear, till I'leard how to do it. After that, it was quite easy, reminding me a bit like when I would torque order on an engine block. But it does stay in tune.

I've had it six month so far, and it seems rather rugged. But I'm an amature player.

I think the DK-@ is a great value, and an outstanding guitar. I had played for a several years, but with axes of far less, and sometimes better pedigrees. It seemed to be the one of the best axes arround, esspecially for the money. Throw in Jenna, and I'll pop for the Rhondes model!

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