Jackson DK2L Dinky
Jackson DK2L Dinky

DK2L Dinky, Left-Handed Electric Guitar from Jackson in the Pro series.

MGR/Jon Villalobos 04/08/2002

Jackson DK2L Dinky : MGR/Jon Villalobos's user review

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I bought the Jackson DK2 from Musicians Friend because I had nothing but 21 fret non locking tremelo Fender Strats and wanted something that could cover a wider range of musical styles in the range of 80's metal to nu-metal. I payed $299.99 as it was on sale.

The neck is flat, thin and fast. It has 24 jumbo frets and a dinky style body. It has a HSS pickup configuration with a 5 way pickup switch. It has a double locking tremelo that stays in tune very well. It is in translucent blue with a flame maple top. The controls are one volume and one tone. The body is alder. The alder body with a flame maple top sounds killer. Top notch quality and made in Japan. Good quality control.

I'm not that happy with dinky Strat style bodies, but it does the job. If this guitar had a full sized body it would be near perfect. I also don't like the middle pickup. It doesn't make sense for what I do. The Ducan Design pickups realy suck. I switched the bridge pickup to a Seymor Duncan Distortion pickup. Now it shreds!

Like I said before, TOP NOTCH. No flaws and the paint brings out the genuine flame maple top very well. Everything was great. The pickups were total crap, but that is all a matter of choice. No dings, scratches, chips, dents or flaws. Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you want a true metal shred guitar, this is a very good choice. People of small stature would benifit better with the dinky body. It isn't too tiny, it's just too tiny for me. If you want higher output, switch pickups. The DK2 is a good palet for upgraded pickups. I do strongly suggest the Seymor Duncan Distortion humbucker. Good Company, good quality, great guitar!

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