Jackson RR3 Randy Rhoads
Jackson RR3 Randy Rhoads

RR3 Randy Rhoads, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Jackson in the Pro series.

cortzan 06/05/2006

Jackson RR3 Randy Rhoads : cortzan's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
2 humbucker Seymour Duncan
A 3 position pickup selector
1 tone knob
2 volume knob
A floyd rose bridge
Unfortunately only 22 Frets


Nice round end
The access to acute, is fairly easy, it's a normal flying
That will be a flying, it is a little hard to play sitting but when we found the technique is goodhttps://static.audiofanzine.com/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_wink.gif

Rather well-balanced guitar, it looks a little annoying but c'es pa ... it weighs 4.2 kg I think

On the treble when you got the fingers of potatoes is not terrible, but the power of the pickups are excellent

Only problem is with the floyd rose, as when any change in diameter of rope, you got the floyd derived by a rather boring background and c


Personally I am a bottom, and company in the metal, but it happens, from time to time to touch the blues.
It suits my style, it fits very well in the rock 'n roll, metal, and other ...
Even if it is not made to play jazz and another, it still gives a good sound.
I play on a 30 amp washburn vga
It disting real difference between the microphone near the handle and one near the bridge.

It has a sound that stands out, but you can do better on it ca


I use it for 4 months
I like its looks (I have black)
I can not say I try to open before falling over, I relied on the opinion of each
I bought € 420 (excluding tax & shipping not live on the mainland)
So I can say it has a good value for money

With experience, I would contribute more to another guitar, but with a budget of less than € 500 I n'ésiterez not