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Thread Technics SX K250 power requirments

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1 Technics SX K250 power requirments
Hello. I have a Technics SX K250 keyboard, but the power transformer either didn't come with it or it was lost (It was given to me from someone). Don't have the manual either.

There are two inputs for power: either a direct AC 120V 60Hz line (I haven't found a line with an end that fits in the port yet) or a 12VDC line.

I have many transformers, but it dosen't indicate the amperage so I don't know what would be too much or too little power.

I tryed it with a 12VDC 0.4A earlier, but once I pressed a key the keyboard shut off, like it wasen't enough power. Should I plug in a 1.0A supply next?