Roland E-28
Roland E-28

E-28, Keyboard Arranger from Roland.

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yoyog 03/19/2005

Roland E-28 : yoyog's user review


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5 octave keyboard arranger in 1995.
Log Midi In / Out, and many sr the OUTPUT L (Mono) R, entrepdale support, and headphone output.
223 internal sounds, 64 styles of music, 8 drum kits (drum). Grand ERRF of E-14 and the small ERRF E-38, it does not sound editor or squenseur.


Simple configuration yes. All manuals for Roland E SERIES are clear.


I did not, but I know it and jou dj a lot of E-SERIES.
So there were some synths SERIES E-taient reported that "64 style" but had only 32 (the standard, and the first 32 taken in advance. This was the case of E-14, one of the same era as the E-28, but also that of E-16, and E-15. Above, they put about 2 times more styles and more than one card reader to add (cards TNSC-1 and / or TNSC-2). The E-28, apart from the particularity of having Fully new sound compared to E-15, E-35, E-70, E -16, E-36, E-56, E-86 (etc. ..) that also have a lot of styles without the possibility to add more because there is no card slot. C 'is a synth honnte, no deception. ct is the well I think. ct and sound, Roland has nothing to prove. I think the person prc dente that has given advice on the sonn E-28 is absolutely correct by comparing PSR Yamaha Roland E. Then there is more rhythmic variations on the old E SERIES, 1993 (the E-28 as of 1995).

The particular feature that I too c'tait AIM because I had a E-36, I am confused at all in the sounds that I liked less well elsewhere (issue got, but I would have the ressaye). Then they changed the paramtrage automatic pitch. It's not a ton, but a semitone. And as it is located on the E-16, ie in the middle of synth which is never convenient. In addition, it is key.

I do not remember the exact price of the era, but I remember they had a lot down before. I am confident that the report qualitprix silent excellent.

For me personally? No, I'm tired of trainer to the synths that have no rde crtaue styles or user programs.

I note 9 / 10 for its high quality of the era this price level.