Yamaha PSR-225
Yamaha PSR-225

PSR-225, Keyboard Arranger from Yamaha in the PSR series.

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Drawbars 03/10/2013

Yamaha PSR-225 : Drawbars's user review


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Type arranger keyboard, the sound effects pretty good, apart from a few instrument sounds unusable!
connectivity, everything is there! except perhaps the lack noon Thru ...
over 200 different sounds, but a lot of duplicates! sounds are not editable!
The touch keyboard is bad! (Too soft) sluggish, ill-suited for pianos, which are very average!
I use the right hand in narrative, with the left hand on my L100p Hammond.
I gave him a jack adapted to exploit its internal amplification, "via midi" Hammond XM2 Module + XMC2 to serve nomadic when I go on vacation!


Sounds pretty simple configuration, using the numeric keypad! for effects, we must look a little further!
The French manual is quite explicit!
The sounds are not editable!


It's been 10 years that I use, and I draw my bow on the strength and reliability of the product!
the feature that I like least is the keyboard too soft though, well made!
Value, the more correct for small budgets!
I would do this choice of course!