Yamaha PSR-290
Yamaha PSR-290

PSR-290, Keyboard Arranger from Yamaha in the PSR series.

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Rocknweb 08/18/2005

Yamaha PSR-290 : Rocknweb's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
61-key arranger keyboard dynamics.
605 AWM sounds to standard XG Lite + GM.
Polyphony 32 notes.
Portable Grand button to CHAC Stereo piano sound.
DSP effects.
135 accompaniment styles.
Sections 140 Music Data Base.
100 pieces included with booklet of scores provided.
Internal flash memory for the download of songs over the Internet.
Split function / Dual.
Systm ducati YES 2 in 4 leons.
Memoirs of registrations.
Squenceur 6 tracks.
Amplification 4 speakers with Bass Boost.
Battery or AC adapter PA3.


I use it mostly for learning the keyboard, making the compounds on computer, and build loops or backing tracks to play guitar on it.

The overall operation is quite simple, because the documentation is fortunately trs incomplte constantly referring the reader from page to page ... it's blowing!


Format Midi XG LITE (Yamaha) and GM
Over 600 diffrent sounds, 130 rhythms, etc.

The great violin / cello / sax / trumpet mute the Miles Davis / flute and flute Peacock / church organs, jazz hammond style barbarism gnial!, Bass and guitar (much better than Roland) / diff different types of brass (Van Halen, Europe, Herbie Hancock Rock It, Depeche Mode, Rocky, etc. including vintage repros of more or less interesting.

The worst: The pianos are trs trs ways despite DIFFERENT rglages, harmonica, give. The softkeys like all synths, trs is one hundred places in the medium and the touch of a real piano ... on this point no surprise ...

Surprising drums and percussion kits are terrible, I make loops for the guitar, with accompaniment management much better than my computer!
Sequencer tracks 5 of 6 titles ... 10,000 notes/5.500accords


This device is designed for beginners and those who want to get into the model without being forced to become a pro on the PC.

The sound is standard, there are some 80's DJ DLIR, no front or a techno drum machine, so a priori Reserved for public and music called " traditional "rock to classical, through the organ and brass.

Many possibilities that I have not yet explored all aspects such as learning by example (100 compltes songs are included), etc ... In short sounds pretty ralistes overall and especially easily exploitable, mention spcial for rhythmic gniaux kit, good value qualitprix.

The new MODEL fills the PSR295 its two main weaknesses, adding input / output USB and sequenced more volumes.