Yamaha PSR-293
Yamaha PSR-293

PSR-293, Keyboard Arranger from Yamaha in the PSR series.

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FP User 10/31/2008

Yamaha PSR-293 : FP User's user review


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- 487 voices total - 11 drum kits with a few dj sounds - USB-Midi interface built in eliminating need for additional midi-usb interface - Good for midi controlling - keys aren't weighted - no midi jacks, just usb, so you can't expand much, other than just into a computer

$200 USD


If you read the manual and follow directions closely, you can easily hook it up to pc/mac for Midi controlling with included software. Works with virtual instruments with many programs (I used cakewalk).


Overall pretty clean for a keyboard. Can't produce sounds like a Yamaha digital piano, but it's also $300 cheaper.

Well built, it's a Yamaha

Good for practicing keyboarding. Decent for MIDI controlling. USB saves the hassel of dealing with usb-midi interfaces. Can't hook it up to hardware sequencers/samplers though. If you like making beats with computers, for around $200, it's great.

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Posted by: showtunesmusic ( 5-, 2006)