Yamaha PSR-9000
Yamaha PSR-9000

PSR-9000, Keyboard Arranger from Yamaha in the PSR series.

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n.b-sound-track 03/25/2008

Yamaha PSR-9000 : n.b-sound-track's user review


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Trs simple handle.
At the same time, it is a keyboard PSR range, so for everyone!
The manual, not needed, logistics and Yam in some years it is now that I handled.
Trs simple configuration.


What j'aimmais on this keyboard is that the era in late 1999, c'tait few new compared to old PSR740 and others.
The famous new drum kit samples finally stro it as silent!
Aside from the kits, some new guitar which is found elsewhere later on tyros few years later and new choruses innintressant not really.
Aside from a, quite a problem and notament from polyphony.
Basically, I was a piano track, another drums, bass, strings and ottoman nothing has jumped all over the place.
Yam I call thinking it was the manufacturing of a default, but quedal. The sentance falls silent, not enough polyphony in my era BCAN 19,000 francs.

In DEFINITIONS, keyboard put thee on the chin when you attend BMD in Yamiamiame guy, but have faith that worry go around the house, a lot of dception.
Since then, we lay Yam's new around every 3 years, with some p'tits sounds more and p'tits Gadget style Semple.
Only the Tyros was the first generation seems to be a small rvolution of its kind.
You have to admit, the race for perfection can s'avrer coteuse trs. There is no need to colectionner the appropriations to our banker friends.

I put 8 for good memory I retiends on scne and also because I prfre laughing now taking my head with Mr PSR9000 history polyphony for the poor.

Trs regards,