Yamaha PSR-9000
Yamaha PSR-9000

PSR-9000, Keyboard Arranger from Yamaha in the PSR series.

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Oliviercool 03/13/2008

Yamaha PSR-9000 : Oliviercool's user review


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Arranger keyboard with 5 octaves Intgr sampler.


Hard drive 2.5 "notebook optional (4 partitions of 2 GB max)

827 tones including 480 XG Sounds + 14 sets of drums and percussion + 2 SFX kits

Accompaniment: 125 styles factory presets + 85 user locations in the internal flash memory + 66 user locations on the hard disk

Changes in styles: 3 + 4 intros fill in Fill + 1 + 4 variations Break key + 3 + outros fade in / out + 4 performance pads (60 banks)

3 tracks can be assigned to the auto accompaniment (left hand) and one for sounds jous with the right hand

Intgr Sampler: 16 bit 44.1 KHz WAV - AIFF capacity of 1 with 65 MB 380 seconds maximum duration of samples

Wealth effects ^ ^ 8 sections of effects (2 global, one paramtrable insert / to, 5 inserts). With a vocal harmony (59 presets + 10 user locations) and accumulation of Hammond organ drawbars, among other things ^ ^

+ + VLOC with aftertouch touch synth

Polyphony: 126 notes:

Multitimbral: PRS 32 tracks

Screen user interface: Liquid crystal monochrome 240 x 320 pixels

Choice of 5 languages ​​for the OS which franais

Audio connectors: line 4 outputs + 1 set of Stereo dpart - returns for ffects ffects external processor, rare! + 1 mic or line inputs Stereo + 1 headphone

Other connectors: 2 sets of input - output MIDI (MIDI IN + OUT only, not taken THRU) + 2 pedals interrupt (SWITCH) + 1 volume + PDAL SCSI D-SUB 50 pin + video output for karaoke midi files of words taken + PS2 computer keyboard (Facilitates entry of song titles).

With floppy drive 3.5 "1.44 MB, DOS

Intgr Amplifier 2 x 28 W! ^ ^

Dimensions: 111.4 x 46.49 x 18.25 cm

Net weight: 22.5 Kg

Exists for him saccoche transport with custom wheels ^ ^

Instructions in French available in PDF on the website of Yamaha! For a thank you, Yam ^ ^



I offered my girlfriend keyboardist (APRS offering him a second copy of the Yamaha QS300) qu'tant because of the prdcesseur clbre Yamaha Tyros it in so rve, I thought that the sounds must be srement height or close to a more affordable price. Error: it did not much used tudi not many because it was hard to have some affinity with most of them except a few out of the lot (flutes, particulirement the "Suite Pan Flute "is extraordinary + organs). She ended up selling it because of it. She said the sounds are cool, dull and charges are too low. It's hard to vibrate with this instrument. Too bad because on paper CHARACTERISTICS taient allchantes yet for the price I bought used (about 900 CHF - EUR 535 beginners the second quarter 2007). This was especially sduite is the Hammond organ drawbars OS ^ ^ well organized and impressive instrument, but carried heavy, especially with his wrist problem if it should mnager wants to play well: carrying case custom Describes above is essential for transport, especially if the musician is not motorized.


In résumé features are great :-) but the sounds are so so :-( The dception Amre is all the more that I, her boyfriend, who offered him. If only she would have the means, it would take right now is really a Tyros range above (the fact that it does not Intgr sampler is not a handicap for her as she did no use) but it will have to wait until its rating down to make it accessible for us and in the meantime, she will be content with a Solton MS-100, for example ^ ^ Or that its QS300 'she uses a lot more since that PSR-9000 is no longer the true libration ^ ^

Is a dclinaison of this model: the Yamaha PSR-9000 Pro. Well, I do not know, I've never been in the hands but Premire view, this is the m my instrument but with 6.5 instead of 5 octaves and dmuni of internal amplification. It parat less imposing and less cumbersome with a better look.