Yamaha PSR-E423
Yamaha PSR-E423

PSR-E423, Keyboard Arranger from Yamaha in the PSR series.

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windigo 04/16/2012

Yamaha PSR-E423 : windigo's user review

«  A keyboard for troubleshooting. »

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Filed in arranger, there is a keyboard or troubleshooting of fun and learning. it has 5 octaves, 61 keys "grand piano".
The keyboard has the function of the affected harden but is still
a soft keyboard.
Effects? Yes, an arpeggiator than 150 variations, it is actually the evolution of the E-413 which has 100, with two potentiometers on the sounds that play (envelope), reverb, sustain, pitch bend, etc.Classique.

CONNECTORS: Power, headphone, USB, MIDI, Expression pedal (the inexpensive Yamaha is recommended because it has two functions, one that reinforces the feeling piano). This little keyboard is rich sonorities of 700 and 178 styles.
A bank of over 300 pieces for the best approach to a melody sound.

Flash memory that can record important about five pieces, we regret this choice, an SDHC would have been more interesting, but at this price.
It therefore records, but sequencer is a big word.


Very simple configuration, too, the assistance is required, it is up to help the beginner, learning technology from Yamaha YES.

A comprehensive manual, scores playful explanation of the display on the LCD, but we quickly discover all the possibilities.
Editing is very easy but limited, it said it achieved the simplicity and it is the goal, I think. (Cool Easy function, which says a lot :).


With a real station and a Korg Synthesizer Juno, I have two years in troubleshooting, it's a good little nomadic and have fun on it.
Goodies: sounds almost realistic, small HP correct, a wealth of choice, power supply, documentation CD.
But beware we quickly made the rounds. Expression pedal essential.

Much less: the keyboard too soft. (I return again on the pedal that makes it "harder").

I note it well, because to date, its price is very low and I think this product is the best entry-level, also difficult to classify as a toy because it is not one, but n ' is not a professional, you do not see it on stage, but in a salon. Yes for travel, vacation, fun and also smaller budgets, while being able to create some ideas, I would do this choice.