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Yamaha Keyboard Arrangers user reviews

  • Yamaha PSR-290

    Yamaha PSR-290 - CroMignon's review


    See below. Keyboard for beginner and many modifications possible to get the sound and nuances wishes. UTILIZATION Manuel "a little" complicated but simple to use. Used to it quickly. Very easy to program and get what you want. OVERALL OPINI…

  • Yamaha PSR-E413

    Yamaha PSR-E413 - Nyb's review


    * This is the first model of the range take VLOC (basically the more you press a button quickly lower the sound loud). C'tait pr-requisite for me. * Pleasant but soft touch - this is neither a toy nor a piano. * Sounds good qualitbr /> * Excelle…

  • Yamaha PSR-37

    Yamaha PSR-37 - chakhal's review


    5 octave keyboard non-touch sensitive 100 tones of base (8-note polyphony) that seek to imitate the sounds of instruments including a dozen Foley possibility to BLEND 2: dual voice (4 notes polyphony) possibility to split: 20 sound for the ba…

  • Yamaha PSS-380

    Yamaha PSS-380 - efabric's review


    I find the view a bit hard so I would take a little note. This keyboard has in its bowels a real chipset yamaha FM 4 each operator. UTILIZATION To edit the sounds you do the following: 1) We choose one among the 100 pRSET wholesale: organ, …

  • Yamaha NP-30

    Yamaha NP-30 - Ts480's review


    I would return over tt not have been said dja <img class="smiley" src="/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_lol.gif" alt="" /> UTILIZATION The touch is nice I will say, of course nothing to do with a real piano, but it s better than some ke…

  • Yamaha PSR-6700

    Yamaha PSR-6700 - spleenvision's review


    6700 YAMAHA arranger synthesizer 76 keys <span class="ad_text">Floppy 3.5 "midi systems intgrbr /></span> 103 AWM samples and 255 FM 100 presets sound builder, 100 pRSET user. squenceur interesting, you may CRER sounds by layering multiple waves an…

  • Yamaha PSR-9000
  • Yamaha PSR-S910

    Yamaha PSR-S910 - titi34000's review


    touch keyboard is worse than the Tyros3 but we made it fast the sounds are really good, some are from Tyros3, cool voices, live, Super Articulation, Mega Voice. guitar and sax are very very realistic. styles are excellent, some also come from Tyr…

  • Yamaha DGX-300

    Yamaha DGX-300 - Kyprio's review


    I&#39;m not going to repeat what has already been said. But I wanted to do another review after nearly 8 years on. It is a keyboard for live very convenient for singers who are not accompanied by pianist and loves with rhythms, melodies left hand aut…

  • Yamaha PSR-S900

    Yamaha PSR-S900 - girard.hubert's review


    Yamaha would do well to take as an example the Korg user guide that is perfectly clear and simple but especially trsdtaille approach. Gnrale configuration and handling of extremely complex sounds and totally unusable without programming any prior n…