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Yamaha Keyboard Arrangers user reviews

  • Yamaha PSS-140

    Yamaha PSS-140 - " Fun"


    Numeric keypad. 3 octaves and touches. In short, a child's toy. 99 sounds already programmed non-editable. No effects. No audio output (a small built-in speaker), but Headphones output. 5 pads (kick, snare, Hit-Hat, Tom, Ride). A small se…

  • Yamaha PSR-S950

    Yamaha PSR-S950 - " Good arranger"


    RAS UTILIZATION RAS OVERALL OPINION Arranger keyboard for what? -If it is to play the piano, go your way. No arranger keyboard offers both a true piano touch and sound realistic. So master keyboard + plugins is for the best time of soluti…

  • Yamaha PSR-225

    Yamaha PSR-225 - " Old but still useful"


    Integrated sampler (but complicated) Reverbs ok MIDI Unfortunately, little changed rhythms. UTILIZATION Editing sounds pretty tedious. OVERALL OPINION Box too mechanical rhythms (not enough swing), too many Latin rhythms, uptempo eno…

  • Yamaha PSR-1500

    Yamaha PSR-1500 - " A very good arranger"


    Arranger keyboard, with nearly 800 sounds in all categories, editable, 250 rhythms all styles (rock, pop, blues, latin, etc..). A handy 16-track sequencer. 5 octaves transposed octave or semitone. Many effects. UTILIZATION This keyboard is very i…

  • Yamaha PSR-S710

    Yamaha PSR-S710 - jicébé's review


    this keyboard 5 octaves, questions effects, completely full, sounds and styles are fantastic, I have a friend who has a tyros 2, casi is the same thing, ask or they will look so much diff. price! the tyros two (and not much there aillor with three …

  • Yamaha PSS-560

    Yamaha PSS-560 - " For fan of Vintage"


    Arranger keyboard 49 keys 2 HP 4 "1.3 Watt each in 6 Ohms Volume-General -Volume for automatic bass and chord Volume-rate Adjusting the pitch- Setting the tempo- -4 Battery type selector -12 Rhythms Mode-fill in Mode-synchronizat…

  • Yamaha PSR-225

    Yamaha PSR-225 - Drawbars's review


    Type arranger keyboard, the sound effects pretty good, apart from a few instrument sounds unusable! connectivity, everything is there! except perhaps the lack noon Thru ... over 200 different sounds, but a lot of duplicates! sounds are not editab…

  • Yamaha Tyros 4

    Yamaha Tyros 4 - " the tyros, the cow keyboards"


    asked too much for tyros 4 tyros and goes in the direction "more" what makes tyros 4 (workstation category,) the undisputed king. For some, to read, "a god", and any reservation about it becomes a blaspheme.Beaucoup sites devoted to him, his wors…

  • Yamaha Tyros 4

    Yamaha Tyros 4 - " Very good instrument"


    I do not like to mention the features here, as they are now known to all. UTILIZATION Usage is fairly simple once you play it for the first time. You can easily reach out for something clean. on the other hand, it can become complicated if you …

  • Yamaha YPT-210

    Yamaha YPT-210 - " Perfect for a kid"


    Keyboard 61 notes, not dynamic. All General Midi sounds. Input and output midi (not tested), sustain pedal jack output casuqe large (back ... not necessarily very practical. They could deport the front ...) a hundred different styles and varied,…