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Yamaha Keyboard Arrangers user reviews

  • Yamaha NP-V80

    Yamaha NP-V80 - " Very good value for money"


    Arranger keyboard 76 keys graded dynamic Two effects are available: chorus (4 types), Reverb (9 types) USB and MIDI Large choice of presets of instruments (500), there is room for spending time to explore Arpeggiator (not present on the model…

  • Yamaha PSS-21

    Yamaha PSS-21 - " A toy at first, but which is ultimately very friendly!"


    mini keyboard with sounds sampled low sampling frequency. Probably sold as a toy at first, but very solid. accompaniment sections as on most mini-organs. UTILIZATION Everything under the eyes, including a list of sounds. We choose and play. …

  • Yamaha PSS-11

    Yamaha PSS-11 - " A toy departure but turns very nice in the end!"


    mini keyboard with chantillonns sounds of low sampling frquence. Probably sold as a toy to departure but very solid. accompaniment sections as on most mini-organs. USE Everything is under the eyes, including a list of sounds. We choose and …

  • Yamaha PSR-S910

    Yamaha PSR-S910 - " good gear for keyboards"


    characteristics are on the net, just read. In summary for me, very good sound throughout, others less, but a very low-end keyboard. Excluded pianist, keyboardist but not too fussed, OK UTILIZATION Grip pretty simple, except for some very specif…

  • Yamaha DGX-640

    Yamaha DGX-640 - " Excellent digital piano and arranger"


    Apart from the headphone jack at the back behind the desk, no complaints. UTILIZATION The touch is very good. I find it even better than the P70 while it is also a GHS. The configuration is very easy to use. The manual is clear. SOUNDS The so…

  • Yamaha PSR-S900

    Yamaha PSR-S900 - " Very good keyboard"


    Widely available on the web so I will not copy and paste but in any case sufficiently complete for my use. UTILIZATION Fairly easy to use, sound editing simple effective but less complete than Korg or Roland. OVERALL OPINION I use it for 9 mo…

  • Yamaha NP-31

    Yamaha NP-31 - " Very satisfied"


    I not really like the menu is quite complicated. There is a sound output (headset). And I do not move it because it is very plastic. I put 9 for the menu, plastic. And the batteries it uses, is quickly discharged. UTILIZATION Touch is pretty nice…

  • Yamaha NP-V80

    Yamaha NP-V80 - " Just Fine!"


    Keyboard 76 keys, lightweight feel. Sounds of piano, organ, piano electro are good in this price range there is no comparison. other sounds are correct. With a good amp and good speakers it sounds pretty good. UTILIZATION Simplicity of use, not m…

  • Yamaha PSS-290

    Yamaha PSS-290 - gwenmollo's review


    4-octave synth UTILIZATION no manual, the config is simple, select the number is that's it. OVERALL OPINION Nice synth that helps out, it sounds bad, it's on. To learn or repeat at home. The drum machine is good, the various sounds of the …

  • Yamaha PSR-740

    Yamaha PSR-740 - " A great keyboard!"


    Arranger keyboards with all the know-how in the field of Yamaha. Styles 160/280 votes and more We can easily change the voices and styles. The sounds are very realistic, the strings really successful! UTILIZATION Getting started very simple…