Yamaha PSR-1500
Yamaha PSR-1500

PSR-1500, Keyboard Arranger from Yamaha in the PSR series.

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sammykrosoft 06/12/2005

Yamaha PSR-1500 : sammykrosoft's user review


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- Keyboard Arranger
- An output device to USB (to connect a USB key, a floppy drive - provided !!!!, etc ...)
- 1 x USB to host (for connecting a computer)
- Output MIDI IN / OUT DIN 9-pin (to connect an expander for example, or a MIDI sound card, another instrument, ...)
- 790 sounds about ditables! (Not just adding effects, you can change the basic paramtres as the attack, the shape of the wave - not as pushed a synth but it is a good intro)
- Enormment paramtrables individual effects (presets Rverb and Chorus - Hall, Room, Water, ..)
- 16 tracks Squenceur trs intuitive user
- Can import files very easy. MID. KAR using the USB key or USB floppy disk drive, view and edit the partition, etc ...
- Sets the tempo of Possible by tapping a button prvu this
- And many others not yet explored


- Config gnrale trs intuitive (compared to the Korg PA-50 anyway), no LCD screen surchargbr /> - Edit sounds simple enough
- Manual clear, well illustrated and said in French!


- I use it for 2 months now, the sounds are excellent (lgrement the notes of piano bass and Aiges - for cons, the bass and Aiges are striking of Ralite!)
The BMOL, especially default my purchase I think, the key dernire (Do the following five octave - key 61) is lower than 2 lgrement millimtres compared to other , so the VLOC is worse on this dernire.
- I like particularity: Polyphony 96 notes, and can assign two sounds at the same time the keyboard Notes on the same split +
- Particular feature that I like least: 61 keys, but trs common in this price range
- I tried the cheaper keyboards including Korg PA-50 is ergonomics, simplicity and class of the interface, the modern devices of playback / recording (USB, card reader Smart-Media) that I take the DCID PSR1500.
- Report qualitprix: neither good nor bad
- With the exprience, yes, I would do this choice for an arranger to have a default Piano numrique for lack of space ...