Yamaha PSR-1500
Yamaha PSR-1500

PSR-1500, Keyboard Arranger from Yamaha in the PSR series.

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Migoucorporation 10/29/2010

Yamaha PSR-1500 : Migoucorporation's user review

«  Very practical »

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Business detail see sheet manufacturer ...


Use of this synth is simple enough for the basic functions (change sound, rhythm, assign a pedal), especially thanks to "direct access" button that directly opens the corresponding menu n ' any desire section (eg "direct access" + pedal pressure opens the menu for the assignment pedal, etc ...).

In addition, the menus are very pousss including edition of "Style", that is to say the creation of a set of eight MIDI tracks, indpendament assignable at any canal, forming a loop 1 measures 32 modules that can be playing chords on the keyboard (from a minor squence a major squence just by changing a note of the agreement etc. ..) the possibility of creating 4 diffrentes pattern in a same style for each track, with 3 intros, 3 endings and breaks. The "rhythm boxes" prprogrammes sound a little dated but with patience, it is possible to program the very prcises fawn own.

The ngatif point would be the lack of possibility of edition of sounds. The manu exists but it only allows you to change an existing sound Adi and only basic parameters can be modifis (envellope, filter effect). It is his ngatif point, but the "squenceur" amply compensates for this default is not surprising for this type of keyboard.


I have this synth for a long time but I had stopped to use it, replaced by other, more tournes to the veritable synthesis. I have recently emerged in the context of a live performance (I did not use my pc for practical reasons and stability), and I completely rediscovered, including party dition of style to the very large possibilities (without either be a workstation) allowing me to check my other synths on stage. A very pleasant surprise when I thought I shot the maximum of the machine.

I hesitated to sell it while I used it more but I do not regret me for having preserved and if I returned to my choice I would do rear eyes closed.