Yamaha PSR-1500
Yamaha PSR-1500

PSR-1500, Keyboard Arranger from Yamaha in the PSR series.

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Lennon Mercury 04/19/2013

Yamaha PSR-1500 : Lennon Mercury's user review

«  A very good arranger »

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Arranger keyboard, with nearly 800 sounds in all categories, editable, 250 rhythms all styles (rock, pop, blues, latin, etc..). A handy 16-track sequencer. 5 octaves transposed octave or semitone. Many effects.


This keyboard is very intuitive. It is covered with buttons that will greatly facilitate the use. On the left is divided into the various categories rhythms, recorder, and buttons that act on the rhythm (intro, break, accompaniment, outro, fade in / out, tempo ...). In the center a large LCD screen in black and white but very readable, with buttons located on the sides to act in real time, whether at the level of sounds, sequencing, editing sounds ... Finally there is particular right buttons for selecting sounds categorized and everything about the keyboard settings.
Although the level of sound it is now a bit outdated, this keyboard is more convenient for me because you can do everything from A to Z with (for example, in a piece I need to change 5 times sounds - piano, strings, pad ... - well just press a button every time, no latency). You can record a song in real time, track by track or note by note.
In summary, this keyboard I use both for group play thanks to its sound bank to play alone a complete piece with built-in rhythms, and recording demos complete with its sequencer. His only fault is that the limit has no arpeggiator and no loop function.
Very different sounds but uneven quality in my. The pianos are not bad but lack of grain (you can easily fix because everything is editable, both the attack, decay, sustain, filter, effects, etc..). Various electric pianos (with good wurly particular), the sounds of guitar and bass BoFs, string sounds very expressive (eg violin solo is to die), not terrible brass, flutes nice (sound classic flute rather closely resembles the sound of mellotron Strawberry Fields Forever), the correct pads, and synth sounds very BoFs (probably not to compete with the famous brand CS).


This is a very good arranger keyboard. I use consistently for 7 years, whether in repeats or on stage, or to compose my own songs. Now I'm going to invest in heavier, but this is a keyboard that I will never part. In addition to its sentimental value, practicality and the fact that I can record my songs A to Z with good quality sound (which I do not want to put myself in the computer music) make this keyboard will remain in my set, such as because I do not want other arranger.