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  • Yamaha Tyros 3

    Yamaha Tyros 3 - Cristaldeverre's review


    All these questions are available on the website of Yamaha Music UTILIZATION The config is pretty simple if you stay in basic. The manual is clear and complete in French. Editing sounds and effects are simple this is not his first goal OVER…

  • Yamaha PSR-S910

    Yamaha PSR-S910 - " I love"


    Arranger keyboard upscale 61-key with large color TFT, with the Super Articulation screen. Super Articulation technology and reading, audio MP3 UTILIZATION Clear pattern It starts - 7 dry setup and play. Quite Tyros 3 style available on …

  • Yamaha NP-V80

    Yamaha NP-V80 - " I love it: too much!"


    This is a keyboard and 76-key piano together, four octaves 6 notes.Longueur: 126.4cm, high: 11cm, depth: 31cm, weight: 7.1kg.Touches sensitive vélocité.Touches "harder" on severe and less severe to less severe aigus.Mais piano.500 a real voice, 165 s…

  • Yamaha YPT-220

    Yamaha YPT-220 - " Very average"


    Initiation keyboard Number of Keys: 61 Polyphony: 32 voices Sound: Stereo Grand Piano + 361 XG sounds Lite + 12 drum kits (one kit + effects) Effects: Reverb (9 types), Chorus (4 types) Sequencer: 102 songs, 100 accompaniments. Function Y…

  • Yamaha NP-11

    Yamaha NP-11 - Adrien_mix_you's review


    Keyboard 61 keys Connections Midi Sustain Pedal 10 keyboard sounds but I do not use it UTILIZATION dynamic touch .. that is to say .. no touch! What is soft .. OVERALL OPINION expression is the average I just need more to connect a MI…

  • Yamaha Tyros 4

    Yamaha Tyros 4 - biduc 2's review


    ARRANGEUR 5 0ctaves see manual T 4 USE Yes NOTICE GLOBAL not for 2 years very perferformant but pricey nine …

  • Yamaha PSS-140

    Yamaha PSS-140 - " Fun"


    Numeric keypad. 3 octaves and touches. In short, a child's toy. 99 sounds already programmed non-editable. No effects. No audio output (a small built-in speaker), but Headphones output. 5 pads (kick, snare, Hit-Hat, Tom, Ride). A small se…

  • Yamaha PSR-S950

    Yamaha PSR-S950 - " Good arranger"


    RAS UTILIZATION RAS OVERALL OPINION Arranger keyboard for what? -If it is to play the piano, go your way. No arranger keyboard offers both a true piano touch and sound realistic. So master keyboard + plugins is for the best time of soluti…

  • Yamaha PSR-225

    Yamaha PSR-225 - " Old but still useful"


    Integrated sampler (but complicated) Reverbs ok MIDI Unfortunately, little changed rhythms. UTILIZATION Editing sounds pretty tedious. OVERALL OPINION Box too mechanical rhythms (not enough swing), too many Latin rhythms, uptempo eno…

  • Yamaha PSR-1500

    Yamaha PSR-1500 - " A very good arranger"


    Arranger keyboard, with nearly 800 sounds in all categories, editable, 250 rhythms all styles (rock, pop, blues, latin, etc..). A handy 16-track sequencer. 5 octaves transposed octave or semitone. Many effects. UTILIZATION This keyboard is very i…