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Yamaha Keyboard Arrangers user reviews

  • Yamaha PSR-E433

    Yamaha PSR-E433 - " Good keyboard to start"


    We radius arranger keyboard. Sound (voice) not knowing what to do: 730. The classic effects: reverb, chorus, ... Connectivity: USB works very well to take control of a PC. Single Output audio: headphone, line out. Means because the output l…

  • Yamaha Tyros 3

    Yamaha Tyros 3 - " TYROS 3 even in 2014 a bomb!"


    Hello everyone, there qlqs month I bought used a tyros 3, this keyboard is fantastic, I have friend who has tyros 4, he was very surprised at the little difference. human voices are the four original worked better, but buying a expansion pack for tyr…

  • Yamaha NP-V60

    Yamaha NP-V60 - " Very Good synth"


    Very good synth, 76 keys, several cool effects, usb ports handy twelve o'clock, the piano is very realistic UTILIZATION Very easy to use and generally very clear manual OVERALL OPINION I use it for almost two years, the value for money is unb…

  • Yamaha Tyros5-61

    Yamaha Tyros5-61 - " arranger Inconvenient!"


    see the features on the site UTILIZATION the setup is a little difficult but we made it, the manual is very clear for the implementation practice tyros 5. Editing sounds is really intuitive with a little training. OVERALL OPINION I use it…

  • Yamaha Tyros 3XL

    Yamaha Tyros 3XL - La chouette's review


    All audio connectors, noon. 16-track sequencer. More than 500 styles and sounds. You can add by buying at the Yamaha website. UTILIZATION The configuration is complicated. Editing sounds is easy. The manual is not sufficient, but there …

  • Yamaha PSR-S950

    Yamaha PSR-S950 - " Good keyboard Arranger"


    All is not editable, but we are in the presence of a very malleable platform. Many people have criticized the lack of changes from the previous model, but I do not think so. The sounds were rerecorded here and feels! And it is very easy to create you…

  • Yamaha PSR-S910

    Yamaha PSR-S910 - " arranger keyboard pro in perfect condition"


    I did not know enough ... However, you can find all information by typing the reference it in google .. UTILIZATION Lack of patience ... please excuse my amateurism. OVERALL OPINION Used very little, kept in perfect condition, sold with the m…

  • Yamaha PSR-520

    Yamaha PSR-520 - " For fun beef between friends"


    arranger 5 octaves some reverb and chorus effects "small" dsp Headphone outputs J + 6.35 6.35 two GD jack outputs midi in out sustin on jack 6.35 AC adapter here. they say 10 ~ 12 Volt 9 but it still works very well. no sequencer but a …

  • Yamaha ps 55

    Yamaha ps 55 - " LO LO fi n FI ..."


    4 octave keyboard 49 keys "arranger" public early 80s (1983 I think) Member of the PS 35 series / 55, successor of PS 20 and 30 We find a headphone output on the front. 2 RCA inputs on the back, which allows input according to a turntable cass…

  • Yamaha DGX-640

    Yamaha DGX-640 - "A REAL FAVORITE"


    Yamaha DGX 640W is the penultimate version of a long series of Yamaha Digital Piano signed since they released the 650 DGX which brings nothing more except the black and white colors. For specifications in detail I invite to read the data sheet. B…