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Yamaha Keyboard Arrangers user reviews

  • Yamaha DGX-500

    Yamaha DGX-500 - "Yamaha DGX-500 Portable Grand"


    I aquired the Portable grand through an ad I saw and display at my local sam's club. I sat down and played on it. After playing keyboard for years on such equipment as Oberheim, Casio, Korg, and other yamaha products, I certainly enjoyed the qualit…

  • Yamaha DGX-500

    Yamaha DGX-500 - "Yamaha DGX-500 Synthesizer"


    This keyboard is amazing. I got this keyboard at Daddys junky music. I remember going in the store and started to play it and I was blown away by how superb it sounded. I paid about $800.00 for this beatiful synthesizer.I bought this because i wanted…

  • Yamaha PSR-190

    Yamaha PSR-190 - "Yamaha PSR-190 Keyboard"


    I bought this at a cosco for $75 I liked the price and the amout of different voices it had and how many pre set songs. Nothing sounded like the real instrument that it said it was. It was really cruddy sounding and didnt go very loud so you had to…

  • Yamaha DGX-300

    Yamaha DGX-300 - "Yamaha DGX 300"


    This unit cost £327.00 from a Churchills Music in Bristol. The cost included courier delivery and a really heavy duty power unit. This was what swung the deal, as most other suppliers were charging extra for both. Right from opening the box, this is…

  • Yamaha PSR-740

    Yamaha PSR-740 - "Yamaha 740 Keyboard"


    I use it in Florida to entertain at Condo and Mobil Home Parks. It's great to sing by. You can run your CD player thur theline in for backup, thats why I'd like to try the Boss BR-864 as an add on. I hope I win!!!!!! Thank you for this Reath B…

  • Yamaha PSR-740

    Yamaha PSR-740 - "Yamaha PSR-740 Keyboard"


    I picked up this Keyboard at Sam Ash Music in Columbus, Ohio for around $950. It seemed like good value for the money. I think what Im most impressed with is the sound quality of the HORNS, STRINGS, AND ORGAN settings. The effects and editing are nu…

  • Yamaha PSR-740

    Yamaha PSR-740 - "Yamaha PSR-740"


    I purchased this unit from Shivelbine's Music store (535 Broadway, Cape Girardeau, Missouri) about a year ago. I traded in my old Yamaha PSR-630 and there was a bit of cash difference. I am primarily a guitar player and use the Yamaha as my back-up…

  • Yamaha PSR-2000

    Yamaha PSR-2000 - "Yamaha PSR2000 Keyboard"


    I found this keyboard for the best price at Music123.com-I usually purchase instruments from Musicians Friend, but the price from Music123 was only 975.00, which was several hundred dollars less than any other quote I could find. I needed a keyboard …

  • Yamaha PSR-2000

    Yamaha PSR-2000 - "Yamaha PSR 2000"


    Well, to begin with, I've been using Yamaha keyboard for years. First I bought Yamaha portatone (I can't remember the type) then I changed to PSR 500, PSR 520, PSR 730, and now I bought PSR 2000 for US$750.00 (I always purchased new keyboard for a t…

  • Yamaha PSR-740

    Yamaha PSR-740 - "Yamaha PSR 740"


    This is my first keyboard (and only keyboard as of now), and I just needed a board to learn to play on. I got it for Rs. 40000 in India, two years ago. It does whatever it claims to do pretty well. Nice variety of preset voices (around 700 totally, …