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  • Yamaha EZ-220

    Yamaha EZ-220 - "Not something I wanted to keep"


    The Yamaha EZ-220 is a lighted keyboard to help guide through the playing process or learning process. I love using this keyboard with my iPad, and it has over 300 instruments and sounds to choose from like pianos, guitars, and brass sounds. Most of…

  • Yamaha PSR-S950

    Yamaha PSR-S950 - "A Swiss-army knife to take anywhere!"


    The technical features are described in the previous review. I only want to emphasize something: EVOLUTION / The DSP effects that allow you to get a very flattering sound, the piano sound has gained depth and realism, although it still can't…

  • Yamaha PSR-S950

    Yamaha PSR-S950 - "A good arranger keyboard at an affordable price"


    • 61 dynamic-note piano • 5.7" TFT color screen • 1564 sounds and 408 styles • 25 audio styles • Super articulation • Extension packs • Audio recording via USB & mp3 playback • Advanced audio functions • Mic input & vocal harmonizer • 2 x 15…

  • Yamaha YPG-535

    Yamaha YPG-535 - "Beginners only"


    The Yamaha YPG-535 has a 6 track sequencer on it, this was a huge reason why I decided to purchase this at the time. I was looking for a pretty simple digital piano that I could sequence on and take around with me when I was on the road. I use to tak…

  • Yamaha PSR-S950

    Yamaha PSR-S950 - "A $2000 Bontempi"


    Low-end arranger keyboard? But sold as a high-end product by the manufacturer. Forget the super articulation, it's just a marketing gimmick. On this model! The samples are not the same as on the tyros and other motifs. 61 dynamic-note piano •…

  • Yamaha PSR-E423

    Yamaha PSR-E423 - BeyondR's review


    Yamaha PSR-E423 is a an inexpensive portable synthesized keyboard that has 5 octaves offers much more than other keyboards in the same price range. It has plenty of effects and features that allow the player to create different arppegios , effects…

  • Yamaha PSR-E433

    Yamaha PSR-E433 - "major improvements from previous models"


    The PSR E433 is a 61 Key portable keyboard that has over 700 sounds built into it, now most of these sounds are very thin and cheap like, but there are some that are very good for this board to be the price that it is. You will not get any of the hig…

  • Yamaha PSR-A2000

    Yamaha PSR-A2000 - "Great speaker system"


    The PSR-A2000 is a 61 key synth that has built in speakers and it is made by Yamaha. It comes with some simple effects, Chorus, Reverb, and DSP but total there are over 400 effects on the PSR-A2000. It has 500+ voices and over 30 drum kits. The drum …

  • Yamaha Tyros 4

    Yamaha Tyros 4 - "From the Tyros 1 to the Tyros 4"


    The Tyros 4 is a 61 key synths with MIDI in and out. It has a nice sized on device display screen that is pretty bright and in full color. It does have a 128 notes polyphony and it weighs about 40 pounds or so. Setting it up is simple, I have been u…

  • Yamaha NP-11

    Yamaha NP-11 - "Basic, no audio out"


    The NP11 is the most affordable Yamaha digital stage piano. It only cost $150 dollars. It has a 6 hour battery life, so you don’t have to have it plugged into the wall in order for it to work. It is very portable and light. The spear system on the NP…