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  • Yamaha PSR-E233

    Yamaha PSR-E233 - "Not touch sensitive"


    The PSR-E233 is a very basic but very portable keyboard. This was the first keyboard that I had purchased just to have it around the house so I could practice on. It does only cost $100 but it didn’t come with a stand, so I had to purchase one of tho…

  • Yamaha PSR-E233

    Yamaha PSR-E233 - "Beginners Only"


    The Yamaha PSR-E233 is a 61 keyboard and it has some effects and speakers on the unit. It is very low priced which doesn’t mean that it is cheap but it's not something that you want to make music with. It is a perfect keyboard to practice songs on or…

  • Yamaha MC-103

    Yamaha MC-103 - "good"


    This board is an older keyboard that really has some good usable sounds in it. I still remember when it first came out how much I liked it and I think I over used most of the sounds many years ago. The only reason that I still use and have it is beca…

  • Yamaha PSR-150

    Yamaha PSR-150 - "It was very popular"


    The Yamaha PSR150 is a very classic style digital piano that was very popular many years ago. I remember owning several versions of the PSR line of keyboards. This was one of the first digital pianos that I actually started playing on. The PSR 150 ca…

  • Yamaha PSR-47

    Yamaha PSR-47 - "fun board for home"


    Yamaha has been making PSR Models for many years. This particular model (PSR 47) is old but when I play the newer models in the local music store they don't seem that much different in terms of sound or features. These things are everywhere and they …

  • Yamaha PSR-E413

    Yamaha PSR-E413 - "Great for an Inexpensive Starter Piano or Midi Controller."


    The PSRE413 is a discontinued 61 key portable keyboard from Yamaha. It is very lightweight and is completely made out of lightweight plastic. It can be powered by an adapter or 6 AA batteries. It has a built in arpeggiator that provides 100 differ…

  • Yamaha PSR-E203

    Yamaha PSR-E203 - "its great for a beginner"


    I really like the psr e203 a lot, it is a great arranger keyboard. It is made for a beginner and you can learn to play the keys with this board. there are so many cool features with this board you will be surprised, but I will say its not up to date …

  • Yamaha PSS-130

    Yamaha PSS-130 - moosers's review


    The Yamaha PSS-130 is a digital keyboard and similar to the PSS-30. A friend of mine has this at his house and I was messing around with it the other day, although I do not own one myself and do not plan on owning one either. They keyboard has 32 m…

  • Yamaha NP-30

    Yamaha NP-30 - "I love it!"


    76 weighted keys 10 timbres Reverb function Dual layer function 32-note polyphony 10 Voice demo songs 10 Piano demo songs Connections: Headphone outputs + Midi IN/OUT USE I really love the keyboard because it's halfway between a piano an…

  • Yamaha NP-30

    Yamaha NP-30 - "Excellent value for money"


    Keyboard with 76 keys that allows you to play different sampled instruments: 2 pianos, 2 harpsichords, 2 e-pianos (including a Rhodes or a similar sounding one), 2 organs, and a vibraphone. Basic connections: 1 midi in, 1 midi out and a jack headp…