Yamaha PSR-2000
Yamaha PSR-2000

PSR-2000, Keyboard Arranger from Yamaha in the PSR series.

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ange_signe 09/07/2004

Yamaha PSR-2000 : ange_signe's user review


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61-key arranger keyboard.
The PSR 2000 has a catalog of 800 prs sounds ditables including fltes organ drawbars, 180 styles, 4 variations, multiple DSP effects, a squenceur 16 tracks, a mixer complte.
Microphone jack with vocal harmony Intgr.
Display function scores on the LCD screen.

In fact, the sounds are not strictly speaking "ditables": one can simply add to them one or more effects. This is an arranger, not a synth!


The use of the PSR 2000 is relatively comfortable, small small is discovering the functions of Manir intuitive.
The PSR 2000 is a full keyboard trs at any point. Honntement, I think only use that 10% of its capabilities!

However, I do not 10 as the manual (same as that of PSR 1000) is the height of the instrument. Successive referrals from page to page, explanations boteuses often requires both hands to his courage. Fortunately, we finally understood even at home, fiddling with the instrument!


I have been using The beginning of t and I am more than satisfied.
I find the sound of the PSR 2000 trs convincing. I prcise the pianos are all acceptable. Frquemment I use the electric piano sounds, the strings, pads and synth sounds and I always find what I want. The choirs are particulirement Russian. I do not use imitations of instruments like the saxophone or the accordion, but if you do the dance hall you will certainly find your happiness ...
To make matters gcher, the key is enjoyable trs.
I tried many before MODELS acqurir I hsit long before buying it but I have no regrets. I prcise the PSR 2000, although it appears there are 3 or 4 years, has nothing to envy new Yamaha PSR arranger out since then. The PSR 2100 offers a USB port and more. I also had the opportunity to try the 1500 PSR does not offer as many possibilities and whose sounds are no better than the PSR 2000. I think if you search an arranger keyboard, complete with the sounds of quality and you do not afford the Tyros, PSR The models 740 and PSR 2000 in the same marks are a good alternative because they can find on the market price INTERESTED opportunity! If these keyboards are a bit expensive new, used the ratio q / p becomes excellent. With exprience, I think j'achterai a synth sound is the quality o when suprieure same, especially for purely synthetic sounds.

I bring all of a same precision.
First, we must know that the vocation of a Premire arranger keyboard is to offer an automatic accompaniment when playing, coaching you run into chords with your left hand. This type of instrument is used to animate plutt accessories, balls because it can do without an orchestra. Everything has to say that I am not REPRESENTATIVES user-type keyboard arranger, because I play in a band and does not use the trimmings. Originally, I wanted a synth and acqurir ct eyeing the Roland JV, XP or RS whose sounds I liked. This is my teacher advised me arrangers Yamaha and I do not regret it: versatility, sound quality and especially user-friendly, which makes me much more attractive arranger a synth Roland (for example) to use live.