Roland AX-7
ricobanga 02/10/2006

Roland AX-7 : ricobanga's user review


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Keyboard matre PORTABLE! to play standing, allowing for a real game when you are scne keyboardist. MIDI IN / OUT. 6 batteries. D-BEAM. velocity. 3 LED symbols. lots of presets. pitch-bend. modulation. sustain. No AC adapter [!]. No software config.


The touch keyboard is good, this type of touch dpend we are accustomed.

What is really enjoyable is the ergonomics:
- The handling is impeccable. IDAL weight. The buttons fall under the same fingers in the oddest positions. Being a self-taught, I always jou with the palm slightly lower than the keyboard (instead of being on top) for me to play this fawn is idalie.
- The left hand under the CONTRL is perfectly placed, but may be knob the "volume" that could have come more prs of thumb, be larger and less slippery to play with during play . The sustain button is perfect. The pitch bend ribbon is nickel too. expression for the bar, see below
- The select patches on scne is easy, but it must be s'entraner even when, as it must be dplacer his left hand to + / - and it no longer holds b you, or use the right hand, but the transition is slower. To go fast, we put on the main preset 11, 22, 33, 44, and on "double-supports" a button to select the patch. The loading time of the patch is IMMEDIATE.

Question configuration is a bit harder: you must be typing the entire manual, and do many tests.

Matriser for the game, it is necessary all the same time: It took me good 80 hours before playing like a normal keyboard. But the continued rise because the possibilities are so numerous that AC becomes a tool crtivit to make a game of scne.

In rpetition and concert prvoir always spare batteries, I found myself as a crtin more than once!

Take a scratch or a string to get the MIDI cable near the shoulder strap: If the cable is 'worth' on the plug, there is no chance for that one hour he did not dtach.

If one wants to "turn" on stage, do as many laps in each direction except the cable is twisted and then the ...


I use it since it came out. Lead singer keyboard in a band, I did not have much choice: it's not sitting singing trs funky on stage and sing standing up behind a keyboard requires constantly looking for some notes that we want to dance a minimum (!)

So no choice and no choice either: the AX-7 is the only modern portable keyboard. A shame, because the lack of competition is that there is little prospect of evolution. Therefore the do-it-same, (I which I can not).

This is unfortunate because the use of force, I would have to see a few (from - to + important):

- Color: white, fit, must be dud if you see more with the keyboard as the keyboard player. What I would have loved it in the same ngatif hull and black keys, clear button and # key. I feel that I rsisterai not attempt to paint it one day (in yellow can be ...)

- One or two pots of supplmentaires ct t the volume would welcome.

- The expression key is too sensitive: losqu'on supports a little bit, it floats between 0 and 100. You press a little more: we go live 100. For the expression prcisment CONTRL is impossible: it's a shame!
(Because if the dbeam is very prcis, you can not use his left hand while playing, it should be done with the right hand while we take note with the sustain!)

- No software, all must be hand ... Mr Roland Please!

- No aftertouch: it's really a con, excuse me ... It would have t IDEAL on this kind of keyboard, in the solos. Sometimes I pretend to have, but by playing with the bar expression has a lot of opportunity and less.

Besides it has a fantastic tool, and its largest MRIT is to exist, because without it I would have less pleasure to the scne.