JayPee 01/16/2003

Roland AX-7 : JayPee's user review


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In terms of keyboards matres new laptops, the current choice is limited. The AX-7 Submitted all the technical specifications that can be asked what type of hardware. May be missing aftertouch.


The keyboard is enjoyable to the touch. The hardware is not too heavy. It is easy to configure. It comes with a manual in French.


I use it with the expander ROLAND XV-5050, on scne for over six months. It changes the life of a claviriste. First, it is also scne Submitted on other group members (we scne in front of the solos, as guitarists). Then you learn to play with one hand, forcing simplify the game (the harmonic readability of the group becomes better because the keyboards are often chatty). Only small default: uses the AX-7 cells. There is the possibility to connect a transformer. But then it is connected to the world by two cables, the reader and MIDI, which increases the risk of dconnexion ...